All these Batman movies announced but never made

Waiting to be able to set our sights on Matt Reeves' awaited The Batman movie. let's go to the discovery of all the film projects that should have seen the Knight of Gotham as the protagonist and which instead have been abandoned even before going into production.

Batman Unchained (also known as 'Batman Triumphant')

Immediately after the release of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, Warner Bros was planning to hand Joel Schumacher a third film starring George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell. This new chapter was supposed to bring together all the villains that appeared in the previous films. Including the Joker by Jack Nicholson, introducing the Scarecrow (Nicolas Cage) and Harley Quinn, for which he made the name of Courtney Love. However, given the tepid welcome given to Schumacher's second film and the difficulty of raising such a large budget, the studio canceled the project without even notifying the director.

Batman: DarkKnight

Coinciding with the (non) development of Batman Unchained, two young screenwriters named Lee Shapiro and Stephen Wise proposed to Warner to set the next Batman story in a post-apocalyptic world with the idea of ​​deviating as much as possible from the styles of Burton and Schumacher. The film would have seen Batman and Robin separated, with Bruce Wayne retiring for life after a tragedy that had particularly shaken him. Unconvinced by the horror tones, the company executives ended up dismissing the idea.

Batman: Year One

In Warner's "reboot" phase, the studio contacted director Darren Aronofsky, among others who are driven by enthusiasm. Immediately began collaborating with Frank Miller on a script about the origins of the Dark Knight. The idea behind it was obviously Batman: Year One, the famous Miller comic that tells the first year of Bruce Wayne as protector of Gotham, but in the end the script proved to be too violent and unsuitable for the family audience it aimed at. I study.

Batman Beyond

Parallel to Batman: Year One, the company entrusted a film adaptation of the well-known cartoon Batman Beyond to director Boaz Yakin and screenwriters Alan Burnett and Paul Dini. Set in the future as the original title. The film would have seen young Terry McGinnis inherit the Batman costume from an aging Bruce Wayne who would mentor him. However, due to negative circumstances, the project never went through.

Batman vs Superman

Many years before Zack Snyder began work on his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. in 2002, Warner called in screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker (later replaced by Akiva Goldsman) to schedule the first big-screen clash between the two DC icons. Also, this story would have seen at the center of the events Lex Luthor. This time however allied with the Clown Prince of Crime. The idea was even to make a "serious" film that could point to the Oscars. But in the end, the project was shelved in favor of Batman Begins.

Finally, honorable mention for Justice League: Mortal, the crossover never made by George Miller that would have seen Harmie Hammer in the role of the Knight of Gotham.

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