'Gaali Samprath' Telugu Movie Review

Movie Title: ‘Galisampath’

Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Srivishnu, Lovely Singh, Satya, Tanikella Bharani, Srikanth Iyengar, Anish Kuruvilla

Story: S‌. Krishna

Music: Achchu Rajamani

Camera: Sai Sriram

Editing‌: B. Tammiraju

Producers: S‌. Krishna, Harish Paddy, Sahoo Garapati

Length: 119 minutes

Release Date: March 11, 2021

Some concepts are great to listen to and tense. However, a full-fledged film script is only possible when the concept is properly developed into a story and intertwined with interesting scenes. Otherwise, the disappointment comes that even a good concept is not made appreciatively. Such thoughts come to mind after watching the movie 'Gaali Sampath'. This 2-hour movie tries to convey the point that nature is like a god, although it occasionally does some harm, its nature is to protect us.

Movie Story:

Suri (Srivishnu) is a track driver in Araku. For motherless Suri, father Sampath (Rajendra Prasad) is the only family. Sampath does not speak, as he speaks in the air, "Phi ... Phi ... Phi", so the father's name is Gaali Sampath. Gaali Sampath has been participating in drama competitions to make a name for himself as a great actor. Suri loves the daughter(Lovely Singh) of the village sarpanch. Suri plans to pay off the debts, buy a truck anyway, and marry her. He flatters a bank manager and brings Rs 5 lakh. His father takes the money for drama competitions. With that, Suri tells Sampath to get away from me. In the process, the father falls into a deep pit behind the house in the pouring rain. No one notices that the man, who cannot speak or shout, has fallen into the pit. The search for him continues. Suri, who hates his father, remember in a flashback in the second half all the sacrifices his father made for him when he was a child. The rest of the story is about how nature helped a father who hated nature, and how his acting talent came out.

Movie Cast:

It is a blessing for any actor to have a strong character at an old age. After four decades, actor Rajendra Prasad now has such a boon once again. He is the title role of this movie. In other words, the whole story revolves around him. He shows his acting universe in this film. Sreevishnu did well. Maharashtra modeling girl Lovely Singh is also lacking in beauty and performance in the film. The rest of the characters like Srikanth Iyengar as the manager of Godavari Grameen Bank and Anish Kuruvilla as the auditing officer seem to have good comedy but the boring scenes make it stand out.


Director Anil Ravipudi is on the rise with a series of hits. This time he came into the cine production with a new attempt on the Telugu screen with this short story. He wrote the dialogues himself, screenplay and supervised the direction. Father and son sentiment is the main theme of this film which is shot in Araku. It's good to be here but it's not so convincing that the father does not know who the son loves, and he actually spoils the son's marriage. The flashback was good, but the son, who had witnessed what had happened as a child, did not know what had actually happened until someone told him. The point taken is good, there are similar difficulties in storytelling. Lots of cinematic liberty where natural evolution happens, but events happen as expected.

For the most part in the first half, it was enough to prepare the field for the original story. Rajendra Prasad's mime performance gets a bit of a boost. It would be nice if the story revolved around the point of falling into the pit of Sampath. But, as the point taken was small the movie team tried to incorporate the comedy. It intersects with the course of the original story. The sentiment‌ seems to be hampered by unnecessary comedy in most scenes that are supposed to be good. It would have been nice if more strong scenes had been written down. Some of the dialogues are mind-blowing. Special mention should be made of  Rajamani's background music in places like the mime performance without dialogues and the 'pit scene' in the climax. All these are good cashews in the movie. But, overall the sweetness in the recipe itself has diminished.

Plus Points:

  • Rajendra Prasad, Srivishnu acting
  • Scattered dialogues, sentiment‌
  • Background music in key scenes

Minus Points:

  • Slow-moving first half‌
  • Unnecessary tracks that mislead the story
  • Boring Rural Bank‌ Comedy
  • Cinematic events that run as the author intended

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