'Godzilla vs Kong' movie first reactions online: here's what the critics think

Exactly 10 days after the release in theaters and on HBO Max, the first reactions of critics against Godzilla vs Kong, the awaited new chapter of the MonsterVerse that will confront the two iconic titans, have emerged on the net. Below you can find the comments of some journalists and critics of the American press, who praised the film above all for the visual aspect and the spectacular fights, without disdaining the plot linked to humans:

Erik Davis of Fandango: "I've seen Godzilla vs Kong and it's great! Monster fights are tough and beautiful: great fights, all well-orchestrated and very tough. Solid story, strong cast, and a really good soundtrack. A true Midnight Monster. The movie is my favorite of the four modern Godzilla / Kong movies. I'm not crazy about the previous Godzilla movie (it's my least favorite of the four), the story was very confusing and you can't follow the fights well here. different: the story is successful and the fights are really great. Director Adam Wingard's 'Midnight Movie' vibes are everywhere. "

Mike Reyes of Cinema Blend: "Godzilla vs Kong is a damn roller coaster! True, it seems like something is missing and you travel on a slippery path. But that's part of the reasons I love him so much, as opposed to the heavy storyline of King of the Monsters. The fights are epic and Adam Wingard brings his style and color to the MonsterVerse. "

Collider's Perri Nerrimof: "As expected, and probably as it should be, titan fights are the best parts of Godzilla vs Kong. Adam Wingard definitely has the eye to make the most of those moments! I still don't think they understand how to incorporate the human characters, but the top-notch cast helps. "

Uproxx's Mike Ryan: "I absolutely hated the previous Godzilla movie. So here's the highest praise I can give a movie like Godzilla vs Kong: it's a consistent film with daytime fights and I always got to see what was going on. I say that. really as a compliment. "

Shannon McGrew of Nightmarish Conjuring: "Godzilla vs Kong is a visual spectacle with jaw-dropping fighting scenes between two iconic titans. Wingard's directing style is on full display in a colorful and breathtaking way that also harks back to the kaiju style of the 1980s. . Needless to say, this movie is a blast. "

To get a more complete picture of the reception of critics now we just have to wait to know the scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. In the meantime, we leave you to the latest official Godzilla vs Kong spots.

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