'Jathi Ratnalu' movie has surpassed the 'Master' movie record in Overseas

When ‘Jathi Ratnalu’ was on the movie sets, everyone thought it was a small size movie. But now that the film is creating a sensation at the box office, even big movie records are breaking. The film is creating a sensation, especially in the US market, which has been stagnant for years. After the Corona lockdown, 'Jathi Ratnalu' holds the record for the highest-grossing Indian film released in the US.

The film grossed $ 1.33 lakh at its premiere on Wednesday. No Indian film in the US has received 1 lakh dollars with premieres since the Corona break. The Tamil film 'Master' is the highest premieres grossing film after the release of Corona Lockdown. The film grossed $ 93,000. Jathi Ratnalu not only broke the master movie-record but also crossed the 1 lakh dollar mark.

After the lockdown break, only the films 'Krack' and 'Uppena' made an impact in the US. The movie 'Uppena' collected almost 2 lakh dollars in full run. The movie 'Jathi Ratnalu' is going to cross it with the premieres + Day 1 revenue. With the long weekend, the film looks set to cross the half-million mark. Even a huge film like ‘Master’ could not receive that accolade.

Producers are disappointed that the domestic market is recovering but the US market is dull. The producers are worried that this territory, which once looked like a golden duck, is dull. Now ‘Jatiratnalu’ movie has raised hopes for the upcoming big films for the summer. However, in the Telugu states, the movie 'Jatiratnalu' is shaking the box office. The film looks set to cross the break-even mark today in Telugu states and deliver profits from tomorrow.

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