Just Cause, Derek Kolstad: the film will be like a meeting between James Bond and Indiana Jones


Big day today for video game lovers after the news on the new Resident Evil movie and the important updates on The Last of Us TV series, new details on the Just Cause film adaptation are also emerging. In a new interview with Collider, John Wick writer and co-creator Derek Kolstad explained his approach to the Just Cause film, describing protagonist Rico Rodriguez as a mix between James Bond and Indiana Jones.

Kolstad, who is not the author of the screenplay for the adaptation but also a producer with Constantin Film and Adrian Askarieh's Prime Universe, has chosen Michael Dowse to direct and anticipated that in the next two weeks there will be a casting announcement and we will provide further updates on the work progress."

The writer also added: "What I like about Just Cause is that a lot of times, when you adopt the stories of a video game you either don't have enough material to adapt or you have too much. With this series, you watch the Just trailer instead. Cause 4 and you say: 'Okay, I get it: let's get to work!' ".

Finally, Kolstad stated that the creative team is very happy with the script, but that "to be honest, everything could change in the next couple of weeks due to some elements regarding casting, production times and stuff like that. Dowse let me know what he wants to shoot about the script, but you know how these things go. 

As soon as he starts hiring, people start coming up with ideas and then things evolve. But the core of the project is ready, and there are elements. and other structural things that just won't change because we like them too much. "


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