Justice League trailer for the black and white version: will have more scenes with the Joker!


The official account of the Justice League of Zack Snyder has published on Twitter the first official trailer of Justice is Gray, the black and white version of the hugely popular cinecomic released in recent days and available on Sky Cinema and Now TV.

This edition will not only be the definitive completion of Snyder's vision, who claimed to prefer the Snyder Cut in black and white but will even add some scenes with Jared Leto's Joker. Unlike other special black and white versions that were seen in these years, like those of Mad Max: Fury Road, Logan, and more recently Parasite, therefore, the Snyder Cut will grow a little more.

"I wanted to do a second scene with the Joker specifically for this version of the film, which is the version of the film that is meant for charity," Snyder explained to Wonder Meg. "In this version of the film the final scene with Batman and Joker will be slightly different, and a certain line will be included ..."

Of course, the reference is to the controversial line 'we live in a society', shown in the trailer but cut in the Snyder Cut the line will be reinserted in the Justice is Gray edition, which will soon be distributed on HBO Max and most likely will also appear in the physical home-video edition of the film, due out in the coming months.

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