Matrix 4 movie crazy theory with Keanu Reeves, what if Morpheus is the new villain?

The biggest risk of the Matrix 4 movie will be to repeat itself. The conflict between men and machines has been extensively treated during the first three films of the saga. So that of the villain will be a fundamental choice in order not to risk proposing a mere revival to the public of the good old days. But who could fill the role this time?

The web, as usual, never fails to provide us with the craziest theories. The latest jumped out about it speaks for example of a sensational turn by Morpheus. Ready to become the big bad of Matrix 4 movie! But how should such a solution be implemented, also given Laurence Fishburne's exit from the franchise?

The presence of the character is in fact an easily solved problem. Recently, for example, there has been talking of the appearance of a young Morpheus in Matrix 4 movie, a hypothesis that obviously should be supported with a recasting. But why should the man who freed Neo decide to face his own companions?

Here, therefore, our theory comes into play. According to some fans, in fact, ours could have become a sort of emperor in a world now free from Machines. Not everyone, however, would be happy with the new world. in post-Matrix society, groups inspired by Cypher's ideas would therefore be born, ready to support the superiority of virtual simulation over actual reality.

From here to the authoritarian turn of Morpheus, therefore very little time would pass, with Neo and Trinity who would then find themselves having to fight no longer the Machines. but their old friend by now become a full-fledged tyrant. Would you like such an idea? Tell us yours in the comments! Meanwhile, a video showed us what would have happened if Neo had chosen the blue pill.

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