Nagarjuna is coming to compete with his sons again and again

King Akkineni Nagarjuna has been a trendsetter since his career started, starring in a variety of films in distinctive roles. Nag seemed like a celluloid scientist introducing new talent to the industry without running after star directors. And even at the age of 60, this hero is competing with young heroes in beauty and physics. Nagarjuna competes with his own sons in making films regardless of age every time everyone thinks they can't.

Nagarjuna, one of the senior star heroes of Tollywood, is currently working on the movie 'Wild Dog'. With this action entertainer, Nagarjuna is introducing a new director to the industry, Ahishore Salmon. The movie trailer, which is being made under the banner of Matinee Entertainments, was released last Friday and got a good response. Nagarjuna plays NIA officer encounter specialist Vijay Verma in the movie 'Wild Dog'. It is noteworthy that he also did huge action episodes in this movie. After this movie, Nagarjuna will make an action movie under the direction of Praveen Sattaru. Recently completed Bollywood ‘Brahmastra’ shooting. Nagarjuna is making movies at full speed regardless of hits and flops like this.

On the other hand, there are comments that Nagarjuna's sons are not able to compete with their father. Among Nagarjuna's two sons, Naga Chaitanya is making a name for himself by making different films. However, there is talk that all the stardom that came to consciousness was due to his wife Samantha. Naga Chaitanya, who has received a number of hits like 'Majili' and 'Venkimama', is currently starring in 'Love Story', 'Thankyou', but his stardom will increase even if the movies are also hits.

As for Akhil, he is struggling for a solid hit. Akhil Hope is currently working on his 'Most Eligible Bachelor', followed by a film to be directed by Surender Reddy. Although these films are hits, Akhil also seems to be on track. We have to see what kind of success these sons will get by competing with the father in the days to come.

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