Nitin Prasanna's Suspense Thriller 'A' Movie Review

Movie Title‌: 'A'

Genre: Suspense Thriller

Cast: Nitin Prasanna, Preeti Asrani etc.

Production Company: Avanti Productions‌

Producers: Geeta Minsala

Directed by: Yugandhar Muni

Music: Vijay Kurakula

Editing: Anand Pawan

Cinematography: Praveen K Bangari

Release Date: March 05, 2021

The suspense thriller movie 'A' introduced Nitin Prasanna as the hero. Yugandhar Muni directed the film produced by Geeta Minsala under the banner of Avantika Productions. The film opens as a suspense thriller with a new theme. Already released teaser and trailer have sparked interest in the film. The hype was created on the film by doing large-scale promotions for it. Let's see in the review how much the ‘A’ movie, which came out on March 5 amidst many expectations, impressed the audience.

Movie Story

Sanjeev (Nitin Prasanna) is a man who has forgotten the past. He works with his wife Pallavi (Preeti Asrani) in a private hospital. As life goes on like this, a dream haunts him repeatedly. Doctors try hard to find out why Sanjeev has that dream and what disease he has. There will be no result though. Doctors advise that if he remembers his past he can find out why that dream he has repeatedly. With this, Sanjeev wants to know his past. For this, he takes the help of his friend.

In this sequence, he knows about Ashwatthama from the Emergency period. If he knows anything about Ashwatthama's history, he will try to find any clue about his past. If this is the case ... On August 12, a child was kidnapped on the Boinapalli footpath. Taking the case seriously, the police handed over the investigation to a senior police officer who was nearing retirement. Police arrested Sanjeev during the trial. But they leave knowing that it was not Sanjeev who did the kidnapping. Who kidnaps children? What is the relationship between the kidnapper and Sanjeev? What is the connection between Ashwatthama from the Emergency period and Sanjeev's past? What is the dream that haunts Sanjeev repeatedly? What did the children kidnap for? That's the rest of the story

Movie Cast

This is the first film for hero Sanjeev. However, he acted as if he had experience in many films. Impressed by starring in three different roles. 'MalliRava, Pressure Cooker' 'Fame Preeti Asrani impressed in the role of Pallavi. She also acted very well in some emotional‌ scenes. Also, the rest of the cast acted to the extent of their role.


A thrilling story, a surprising story... There are many movies coming out in Telugu with similar themes. Producers are also moving towards screening experimental films as audiences have also embraced similar films. This movie titled 'A' is also like that. This is a suspense thriller movie. Usually, directors start their first film with a love story to stay safe. But young director Yugandhar did an experiment with his debut movie.

He made the story very interesting by touching on three different aspects namely Science, Demands, and Sacrifice. The way the suspense is kept to an end is admirable. Interval Bang Excellent. The story chosen by the director is good but the slow narration feels a bit boring. particularly, the pre-climax‌ goes a bit slow and tests the viewer's patience. The main strength of this film is the music of Vijay Kurakula. The songs were not very impressive but he did the trick with his background music. He enlivened some scenes with BGM in his own style. Praveen K Bangari Cinematography is good. The production values ​​are in line with the cinematic level.

Plus points

  • Story, narrative
  • Nitin Prasanna acting
  • Interval‌ Twist‌

Minus points

  • Second Half‌ Some boring scenes
  • Simple climax

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