'Playback' Telugu Movie Review

Movie Title: 'Play Back'

Starring: Dinesh Tej, Ananya, Spandana Palli, Arjun Kalyan etc.

Director: Hariprasad Jakka

Music Director: Kamran

Cinematography: Bujji. K

Producer: Prasad Rao Peddineni

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Art Creations

Release Date: March 05, 2021

The movie "Playback" is a form of thinking about what it would be like to be connected through a phone line from the past to the present. The film, directed by Hariprasad, who has worked for several films at Sukumar, has been struggling for release for the last two years and was finally released in theaters on March 5. Let's see how entertaining the audience was with this sci-fi thriller starring "Husharu" fame Dinesh Tej and "Mallesam" fame in unique key roles .. !!

Movie Story

Sujata (Ananya), who works as a teacher in a government school, meets virtually with a phone call from Karthik (Dinesh Tej), who works as a reporter in a media channel. After talking for a couple of days, it is clear that Sujatha was in 1993 and Karthik is in 2019. What is the connection between this 26-year gap and the telephone connection? So what is the relationship between Sujatha and Karthik? How did Karthik in the present change Sujatha's future in the past by phone? If you want to know the answers to those questions, you have to watch a 'Playback' movie.

Movie Cast

For Dinesh Tej and Ananya, this is the second film and the camera fear is not big. While Dinesh's acting has yet to mature in terms of emotions... Ananya has yet to pay attention to her gestures. News presenter Murthy, who is well known to the people of Telugu states, appeared in a key role in the film. It takes time for us to find expression in his face but ... the dialogue delivery is good. Although the TNR show lacks dialogue, Murthy impresses with his screen presence. Arjun Kalyan, Spandana Palli, and Ashok Vardhan acted to their extent.

Technical Group

Kamran's background music is one of the plus points of this film. The lack of songs can be thought of as another plus point. Bujji. K Cinematography is budget-friendly. Production design & artwork could be even better. The artwork does not seem to fit into a sci-fi thriller. With the exception of Arjun Kalyan holding a camera, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate is given to him by the heroine there is no attempt to make the 1993 timeline a bit authentic throughout the film.

The story written by the director was inspired by many Hollywood and Korean movies but lacked speed in terms of narration. Some logic was also missed. However, the idea of ​​making such a new type of film in Telugu is to be applauded. However .. as a narrator, he simplifies the story too much to tell the audience convincingly. There is nothing wrong with simplifying the complicated subject but it is a bit difficult for the viewer to digest the fact that science fiction ends with a small explanation on just one phone, paper as if for example, the Avatar movie was presented as a Jabardasth skit’.


Audiences who watch Hollywood movies and web series with the time travel concept will not like the movie "Playback" much. Those who have not seen Hollywood movies and web series are more likely to like it. If there is a better execution, casting & production design, the film will not only reach a wider audience... it will also be a good hit. Lacking all those elements left only a good effort.

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