'Power Play' Telugu Movie Review

Movie Title: Power Play

Genre: Suspense thriller

Cast: Rajtarun, Hemil Dev, Poorna, Prince, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ajay, Madhunandan, Danraj, Pooja Ramachandran, Tillu Venu, Appaji, Ravivarman, Kedari Shanka

Director: Vijay Kumar Konda

Producers: Mahidhar, Devesh

Music: Suresh Bobbili

Cinematography: I Andrew

Editing: Praveen Pudi

Banner: Wanamali Creations

Release Date: March 5, 2021

The upcoming thriller movie "Power Play" is a combination of Raj Tarun and Konda Vijay Kumar after an entertainer like Ore Buzziga. For a long time, Rajtarun, who has been waiting for the right hit, came out of his comfort zone for the first time and acted in the movie 'Power Play'. Did he get hit with this film, or not? Let's see that now.

Movie Story:

Vijay Kumar Konda (Raj Tarun) completes his studies and prepares for Civils. Kirti (Hemel Dev) is his girlfriend. Vijay and Kirti persuade their parents and prepare to get married. Vijay goes to draw cash from the ATM to party at a pub with his girlfriend. He was arrested by the police for possession of counterfeit notes in drawn cash. Because of that case, the marriage with the girl he loves is canceled. Suddenly Vijay's life goes into danger. Vijay asks the bank manager Ravi Varma to give him the CCTV footage of the ATM to prove his innocence but he refuses. A murder was recorded on CCTV at a nearby mechanic's shop shortly before he was to draw money. Why does the shop owner blackmail the future CM Poorna by showing the footage and asking for money? Who is the gang behind counterfeit notes in ATMs? Was Vijay actually able to prove his innocence? Or not? You have to watch this movie to know that.

Movie Cast:

Raj Tarun, who has been seen as Loverboy till now, appeared in the first time thriller movie. Raj Tarun has done well in a role that mixes tension, pain, anger, and impatience. The heroine's character is not so important, it only goes to romantic scenes, but Hemel Ingle's screen presence is good. Kota Srinivasa Rao as the Chief Minister seemed to be okay for as long as he appeared on the screen. Poorna has a good role as his daughter and the future Chief Minister and has acted powerfully in some scenes. Madhunandan, Ajay, Raja Ravindra, Ravi Verma, Dhan Raj, and Tillu who played important roles are notable.


When writing a story that combines two crime points, an author must be careful not to confuse the audience, otherwise, the audience will not understand why any scene occurs. The same mistake was made in this story. It is more important to maintain the thrill of what is going to happen next, than the story and narration, especially for such thriller movies. But the film goes on boringly as there is not a single strong scene that captivates the audience in this way. The biggest minus point of this movie is that the audience is able to guess the upcoming scenes in advance. 

We can only say that Vijay Kumar Konda, who has so far only dealt with love stories, has not been successful in the new genre. Even the I Andrew visuals failed to impress the audience due to the lack of strong storytelling. However, Suresh Bobbili's background music always reminds the audience that this is a thriller movie. Editor Praveen Pudi cut it short to 117 minutes in length but the outgoing audience gets the feeling of watching a movie for three hours. Vainmali Creations Production Values ​​are so so.

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