Sukumar is all set to make a film with Kartikeya

An unexpected guest appearing at movie audio or pre-release events is like receiving signals that the person is going to have something to share with the main character in the movie later. Most new combinations come out like this. It came as no surprise to Allu Arjun that he was the chief guest at the recent 'Chavu Kaburu Challaga' movie pre-release event. Because it was a film shot by their own production company Geeta Arts‌, it was natural for Bunny to come and promote it. 

But the appearance of director Sukumar at the same pre-release event came as a bit of a surprise. Many wondered how he got here as he was busy with the film 'Pushpa'. There was a discussion as to whether Bunny, Arvind had come if asked or if there was any other reason. But now it is clear that Sukumar came to the pre-release event for a different reason.

Sukumar is all set to make a film with Kartikeya. So Sukumar is not the director of this film but .. his role is going to be the most crucial. A press note came out on Friday that Kartikeya is going to play the hero in the film, which will feature Sukumar's story, screenplay, and dialogues. The film will be screened under the banner of 'Sukumar Writings'. In other words, like ‘Kumari 21F’, Sukumar does everything for this film. Someone Sukumar's disciple is likely to direct the film. The identity of the man has not yet been revealed.

No further details about the film have been released. With the Sukumar script, only Kartikeya's film has been revealed. It is already known that the movie '18 Pages' starring young hero Nikhil in the lead role with Sukumar script is about to release. The film is being directed by 'Kumari 21F' fame Surya Pratap.
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