'Vakeel Saab' movie tension for Wild Dog, Sultan, Love Story movies

After a while, everyone is knowing how that euphoria that if power star Pawan Kalyan's movie comes into the movie theaters. Whether Pawan Kalyan chooses a story, it is a class movie or a mass movie, a straight movie or a remake movie, a new director or a star director, no matter what that hype will automatically come to the movie release time. 

The same thing happened with the movie 'Vakeel Saab'. Most of the people were not interested when the movie shooting started. Because it is a remake of the Hindi Lady Oriented movie 'Pink'. Venu Sriram, who does not have a good record, is the director of this film. But by the time the release was near, all these objections had been sidelined. The movie got enough hype.

Sankranti season aside ... if Pawan Kalyan's film is released, no other film will compete directly with it. If his film gets positive talk, the films will be released before and after getting a problem. Now Wild Dog, Sultan, and Love Story movies are in the same tension. The movie 'Wild Dog' is very important for Nagarjuna's career which is down falling. His market is down falling to the blow of 'Officer, Manmadhudu-2' movies. He definitely needs to get back with the movie ‘Wild Dog’. Hero Karthi,s Tamil dubbed film 'Sultan' is also being released to compete with this.

Even if the two films get good talk, the audience will decline after a week. Pawan movie means that the commotion starts two or three days before. In the mood to wait for this movie, it’s hard to go to the movies that came the week before. it can be difficult for those films after the weekend. These Movies' survival will be questionable unless they get positive talk. 

There will be problems with the 'Love Story' movie which will be released a week later. even this movie gets positive reviews, but theaters will be a problem. It is difficult to divert the attention of the audience towards the movie 'Love Story'. As the release of the movie 'Vakeel Saab' draws near, the hype is increasing ... as the film seems to get positive talk ... the before and after films seem to be hit hard.

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