No reshoot insight for 'Murder On The Nile' Movie after the Armie Hammer scandal

The scandal involving Armie Hammer has gone far from unnoticed. in recent weeks the actor has been excluded from more than one production in which he should have taken part. While it is not yet clear what those films' fate will be such as the 'Murder on the Nile' film, Hammer has already shot his scenes.

Just in the last few hours, we had wondered if 'Murder on the Nile' film could even jump following the very heavy accusations against the actor. The hypothesis is obviously very unlikely, but it seems equally difficult that Disney may decide to proceed with reshoots to replace the scenes in which Hammer is involved in.

The practice would obviously be anything but new. this is how: for example, the production of All Money in the World had acted following the well-known legal events of Kevin Spacey, replaced by Christopher Plummer. According to the latest rumors, however, Disney does not seem willing to act in this way that the reshoots would be a rather expensive option to carry out and, barring sensational changes, the impression is that of course, the convenience would be almost nil.

However, Kenneth Branagh's film remains in a rather dangerous limbo. 'Murder on the Nile' film has been postponed to 2022 after the new accusations against Armie Hammer. so all that remains is to follow the evolution of the story. However, the actor is unlikely to be involved in the promotion of the film.

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