'Vakeel Saab' Telugu Movie Review

 If court drama in movies is a small part or a funny part, you should not care about it. The audience doesn’t care about logic. But if court drama is the key in a movie, the audience should definitely think about logic. To be discussed. We need to keep this point in mind before reviewing Power Star Pawan Kalyan's comeback movie 'Vakil Saab'. Should be taken into account. After that, punchy dialogues, fan goose bump movements. Talk about fights that hinder the movie.

Everyone knows the story of 'Vakil Saab' movie. A remake of the Hindi film Pink. If the son of a minister is going to behave rudely towards a girl, the girl will hit him with a bottle and injure him. With that, the minister's son brought the girl to court on false charges. The hero is winning the case on behalf of those girls.

The first half of 'Vakil Saab' is dull. The introduction of the hero brings a bit of josh to the film. But soon the flashback comes and the movie runs like a dull. Back to back two songs..satyameva jayate..kantipapa come and feel better outside than in the theater. As usual the interval bang drops with a fight. All the fans should watch this first episode in silence and class as if they are watching a Shankarabharan movie.

In the second half the movie story turns into a courtroom. Don't come out just for the sake of fighting. This court scene is the commercial basis for the film. These are similar to Pawan style lectures. Why use such a term is to say that court arguments are evidence, proofs, point based, not lectures, punchy dialogues. There is nothing wrong with using them for fan movements. But there must be an argument with them.

It is good to prove that SI registered the FIR with the old date. But there is no other such point after that. If the prosecution lawyer shows a series of original or fabricated witnesses and takes the upper hand, what is the point of seeing a defense lawyer win a case with mere prophecies? It would have been different if the case had been twisted with the right twist, brought to a range where the audience could understand how Judgment was going to be, and then a lengthy preaching scene was put together and applauded by the audience and fans. What is the sequel to the scene where Anjali becomes frustrated with court affairs and confesses that they demanded money? Strong dialogues should have come from her in that frustration but where are those dialogues? Parental support, when discussing girls' issues and community perspectives. Any trace of emotions?

Even more bizarre, is it necessary to attack the three heroines today if the verdict comes in court tomorrow? What will be the verdict of the case if they die? The offense turns on whom. Any such ideas? Judgment has come, is it enough to attack with pride of victory or to attack with the anger of loser? The climax would be a fight rather than a pre-climax fight.

Come back to power a film Film annanta OK. Good subject ne. But it made a difference because Pawan Charisma changed the dialogues to suit the political agenda. But Pawan did well to meet the expectations of the fans. But none other than Pawan means there will be no answer. Such a low level star cast for Pawan movie is a complete minus. Apart from Prakash Raj, Niveda and Anjali, no one remembers. At least the judge would have brought in a slightly better noted actor. It would have been possible to write four dialogues. But that is not the case.

Thaman background music strength to the film. The songs are better outside than in the movie. The dialogue written by Tirupati is the strength of the film. None of the movement that the direction was shocked appeared.

Dialogues and fights may be goose bump movements for fans but it is doubtful that they are suitable for regular audiences throughout the film.

Plus points
Pawan Kalyan
Background music

Minus points

Finishing touch: not enough… ‘Saab’

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