'Wild Dog' Telugu Movie Review

Movie Title: 'Wild Dog'

Genre: Action Thriller

Movie Cast: Nagarjuna, Dia Mirza, Sayami Kher, Atul Kulkarni, Ali Reza etc.

Production Company: Matney Entertainments

Producers: Niranjan Reddy, Anvesh Reddy

Directed by: Ahishor Salmon

Music: Thaman‌ S

Cinematography: Chanel Dio

Release Date: April‌ 02,2021

Hero Akkineni Nagarjuna, who has been facing a series of setbacks in recent times, has come forward with the film 'Wild Dog' to achieve success this time around.

Movie Story

Vijay Verma (Nagarjuna Akkineni) is a National Investigation Agency (NIA) officer in India. Everyone in the department calls him a 'wild dog'. He encounters several terrorists and is suspended. Meanwhile, a bomb blast took place at Johns Bakery in Pune. The National Home Ministry is taking the case seriously. DIG Mohan (Atul Kulkarni), who wanted the case to be settled soon, asked the suspended NIA officer Vijay Verma to return to duty. He will take up the case after NIA officials finally agree to the condition set by Vijay Verma.

Vijay Varma and his team begin investigating the bomb blast case. In this sequence, Khalid of the Indian Mujahideen is found to have carried out the blast. However, for some reason, Vijay will be suspended again. Why did NIA officials suspend Vijay? How did Vijay catch up with Khalith with his team even though he was suspended? What did Vijay Verma finally do to Khalid? That's the rest of the story.

Cast Performance

Hero Nagarjuna is always at the forefront of experimentation. Nagarjuna has experimented a lot in his 35-year film career. He is still continuing his series of experiments. The movie 'Wild Dog' is also an experiment. Nagarjuna lived in the role of 'patriotic NIA officer Vijay Verma'. He also made fight scenes very easy. Nagarjuna did wonderfully, especially in the fight scene in the pre-interval. Siamese Kher lives in the role of RAW agent Aryapandit, She competed with Nagarjuna in the Chasing Action Sequence. Big Boss Fame Alireza performed well as a member of the Vijay Verma team. The character with the longest length is his. Dia Mirza Seems OK as Vijay Varma's wife Priya. She performed well as long as she was short in stature. Atul Kulkarni, Prakash, Pradeep, etc. acted according to their character range.


‘Wild Dog’ is a film based on real events. It is very difficult to tell a story like this that everyone will like. Director Ahishor Salman managed to impress by showing a serious story on-screen without commercial elements. He ran the film focusing on the concept without sidetracking the story.

The director gave more emotional content in the first half and focused more on the fight scenes in the second half. Everything in the second half is very serious and interesting. The twists and turns at the end impress everyone. Another major strength of the film is Taman ''s background music. He enlivened key scenes with his background score. Editing is okay. It would be nice to cut some scenes in the second half. The way the action scenes are shaped and shown on the screen is great. The cinematography and production values ​​are up to the standard of the film.

Plus points
Nagarjuna acting
Taman‌ background music
Action‌ Scenes‌

Minus points
Lack of commercial elements
First Half

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