'The Last Kingdom' will return as a film after its fifth and final season


The series 'The Last Kingdom' will return after its final season, this time as a film. The person in charge of communicating it has been its protagonist, Alexander Dreymon. The actor, who plays Uhtred in the series, has announced it at MCM Comic Con in London. 

According to Deadline, its title will be 'Seven Kings Must Die. Carnival Films will be produced and filming will begin next year in Budapest, shortly before the premiere of the fifth season.

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Producer Nigel Marchant has stressed that the plot will be completely closed in the fifth season, although according to him: "there has always been one more story we wanted to tell." Dreymon took the opportunity to thank viewers for the success of the series: 

"It has been a privilege to tell the story of Uhtred for five seasons. I am very grateful to the fans. They have been very loyal to 'The Last Kingdom' and thanks to their support. , the team reconvenes for one more round. "

'The Last Kingdom' is set in the 9th century in England. It is based on historical events and tells how the Vikings and the Saxons are fighting for control of the lands. It was created for the BBC in 2015, but Netflix bought the rights after being a success in its catalog. The public got to know the series mainly by word of mouth, as its protagonist explained to Variety

"We have never had much publicity. Somehow we have managed to survive thanks to the fans, who are very supportive, very good. and very enthusiastic. We are very grateful. "


The Final Battle

Last year we knew that 'The Last Kingdom' was going to have a fifth season, which will be the one that closes the plot. It will be written by Martha Hillier, who has previously worked on the series. It will have ten chapters and will be released next year.

In addition to Uhtred, he will also bring back Beocca (Ian Hart), Brida (Emily Cox), and Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth), among others.

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