Varudu Kaavalenu Movie Review

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There are very few female actors in Tollywood. Recently, Nandinireddy's name sounds a bit loud, but no one has made four films in the past. Now advancing one by one. However, no matter who makes the film, it is commendable that the character of the heroine is written strongly. Because if they do not show the heroine's role strongly, the heroine will become weaker on the Telugu screen. 

'Lakshmi Soujanya' rang the megaphone with the movie 'Varudu Kavalenu'. She also wanted to tell the story of a girl according to custom. A good hero like Nagashourya, a company like Sithara Entertainments, Trivikram behind is good for this story. To what extent have all these combined to sustain the idea of ​​'Lakshmi Soujanya'? How impressive is the movie 'Varudu Kaavalenu'? Let's find out ...

'Varudu Kaavalenu' Movie Story

Bhumika (Ritu Varma) is the boss of a company. She is very strict. No matter how strict it is, it is a sin to laugh out loud. Everyone in the office is shaking their heads. Love - Can't believe much in marriage matters. He is not connected to anyone. Some marriages at home are rejected. Akash (Nagashourya) on the other hand is the Arctic settled abroad. India comes on a small mission. When he arrives, he likes to look at the ground. 

In the past, both were educated in the same college. Akash makes cosmic efforts to conquer the Bhumika's mind. The land also gives Akasha a tinkering plan made by Akash as he likes. With that, the Bhumika changes its mind again and turns into a rock. What is the reason for the Bhumaika to change like that? Why can't Akash understand himself? Did the two of them get together, or not? That is the story.

Varudu Kaavalenu Analysis

The story written by Lakshmi courtesy is very short. There is nothing new. If not, the good cast, the talent of the actors, the skill of the technicians .. all these together have changed this story beautifully. Bhumika character portrayal, the rest of the cats with them .. feel comfortable. 

Akash's coming from abroad and his efforts to land in the eyes of Bhumika are good. However .. it seems that this whole story is going in reverse gear to `Mystic '. It is not possible to marry a hero there. The heroine is not here. 

That's the difference. Everything else seems to be the same. The warmth of the mother (Nadia) to marry Bhumika is laughable in some places. Feels overwhelming in some other places. Mass Cosmo has two fights for Hindi dubbing rights. 

Even if they are not included in the story - they look stylish to look at. The songs, funny dialogues, and scenes with the heroine characterization go on in a flow. Otherwise, the slow phase will be troublesome there.

Conflict is very necessary for such stories. It does not appear in `Ward Wanted '. In the interval bang .. the lift is as it should be. Even in the flashback episode. The 20-minute long college episode is a big minus for this movie. If the team of writers there thought Marola was definitely on the other level of the War Caville. As soon as the flashback comes .. the story picks up speed a bit. `Log‌`s laughter in the comedy theater. 

The whole episode .. Hilarious ripened. That track saved the second half. After that, the story rushes towards the climax. Mary Over ended the story quickly - without hurting the melodrama. Pornography, obscenity, lack of double meaning dialogues, being a clean movie that the whole family can watch together, having fun, and two or three good songs have become plus points for this movie.

Ritu Varma is the center of attraction for this movie. Elegance, love, pain .. all of these are finely harvested. He will inevitably remain another good character in his career. The film proves that he can do mass dances as well. There is no need to say anything heroic anymore. How decent Natudo is once again revealed with this movie. 

His character was so sober, he walked away doing it beautifully. The look and the dressing style are very good. He looked even more beautiful in the flashback episode. His role diminished, giving the heroine a chance to elevate where she should have been. Overall, this is another good movie for you. Nadia seemed a bit overwhelmed. Dialogues are short for Murali Sharma. If not .. why are parents so worried about girls getting married? Where .. said good dialogues with himself. The Saptangiri track is very funny.

Digu Digu Digu Naga... The song is a super hit in terms of audio. The wedding song also feels okay. Like all the songs. The way they are screened is great. The background music feels heavy here and there. Ganesh Ravuri showed ingenuity in dialogue. Both punchy dialogues and depth dialogues went well. 

In some places, the dialogue only sets the scene. There is no compromise anywhere in terms of construction. This is a good start to the courtesy of director Lakshmi. Expect more good stories from him. Finishing touch: Found a good 

Rating: 2.75 / 5

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