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Peddanna Review: Peddanna is the latest movie starring Rajinikanth as the hero. The film is directed by Shiva and stars Kirti Suresh in a pivotal role. Nayantara acted as the heroine. Let's see what the movie review looks like when the 'Peddanna' movie is released today...


If Peddanna enters the movie story .. Rajinikanth is an older brother who loves his younger sister passionately. The younger sister is always looking for happiness for her well-being. Sees to it that no harm is done to her. Seeing that Anna is so lovingly cared for, the younger sister runs away saying that it is not a marriage relationship. Why did the original Peddanna sister run away? Peddanna has to watch the movie to know if she was brought back home.


Superstar Rajinikanth has mesmerized with his style as always. Mass Action entertained the audience with commercial elements. Reached his fan expectations from Rajinikanth. The director also took care to keep the story and Rajinikanth style new. Rajinikanth's role in Peddanna is a highlight. Dialog delivery with his punchy dialogues, entertained with super fighting. Peddanna played the role of Nayantara's heroine in the film. 

Neat performance with excellent screen presentation. Kirti Suresh's performance as the younger sister is wonderful. The character who provides Peak Moments in the film. Her role is crucial in this film. Kirti Suresh played the role of turning the story around very well. The characters of Meena and Khushboo are melodramatic. They entertain the audience to the extent of their range. Jagapathibabu's role as a villain is also crucial.


Director Shiva routinely screened the story a bit differently. He worked for the big movie Shiva which screened Veeram, Vedalam, and Vishwasam. However, the originality of the film is missing. Shouryam and Daruvu were also screened in Telugu and settled in Kollywood. Technically also the cinematography highlight for the film. Making Rajinikanth fights was another highlight.


Annate was released simultaneously in Tamil and Peddanna in Telugu. Director Shiva provided the latest technology as well as a twist to the old story. The audience is connected to the story of the sisters. That’s why the director also elevated the same point.

Plus points:

  • Acting by Rajinikanth and Keerthi Suresh

Minus points:

  • Routine Melo Drama
  • Action Scenes
  • Old story
  • Screenplay

Finally: Peddanna entertaining with Brother and Sister Sentiment.

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