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As an action hero, Vishal has a good following in Tamil as well as Telugu. Regardless of the results, he is going to choose different movies. Vishal's latest action movie 'Enimi'. Along with Vishal, another hero Arya is also starring in this movie. 

Vishal plays a police officer in this movie. Also, Arya will be seen in a negative role. The film opens under the direction of Nota filmmaker Anand Shankar. Mamata Mohandas and Mrinalini are the heroines. The movie was released on the 4th of this month during Diwali.


The story begins with the childhood of Vishal and Arya. The two are good friends. Arya's father Prakash Raj is a police officer. He trains the two of them from an early age to see them in the department as adults. Prakash Raj is assassinated by some unforeseen circumstances.

At the same time, the two friends parted ways. As time goes on, Vishal is shown running a supermarket in Singapore. At the same time, Vishal realizes that an assassination attempt is being made on the minister and comes and stops him. A closer look at the incident reveals that Vishal's friend Arya was involved.

What has Arya got to do with that minister at all? Why was Arya mentioned? Did Arya really attempt to assassinate the minister? Who was behind the assassination of Arya's father Prakash Raj? Did the two friends who broke up meet? Are there any compelling reasons for friends to become somewhat enemies? If you want to know all this, you have to watch this movie in the theater.

Positives 👍: -

  • Vishal and Arya gave career-best performances. Their performance throughout the film captivated the audience. Mirnalini Ravi, Prakash Raj, and Mamata Mohandas performed well in their respective roles.
  • Director Anand Shankar has taken care not to get bored where the way the film runs the story from the beginning to the end is very good.
  • The action scenes are great.
  • The background music is nice.
  • Production values ​​are stylish.
  • The cinematography is very good.
  • The last 20 minutes were super.
  • Editing is good.

Negatives 👎: -

  • Length.
  • The songs don’t entertain much.

Overall: -

All in all, there is no doubt that 'Enemy' is a movie that will appeal to audiences from all walks of life, especially thriller movie lovers. As always Arya and Vishal entertained the fans with their mark acting. The way director Anand Shankar runs the story is very good. Where the bore was taken without hitting. The action scenes are the highlight of the movie. The cinematography and background music is great. The architectural values ​​appeared on the screen in a very stylish way.

The length is long and the songs are not very entertaining. Putting these two negative points aside, the film is very good. The whole family can watch this movie happily this week.

Rating: - 3.25 / 5

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