Rumors of Tom Cruise as Iron Man in 'Doctor Strange 2' are growing


Again begins to circulate on social networks and with more force, the rumor that actor Tom Cruise could play Iron Man in a variant of the superhero for 'Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness'. Obviously, this information has never been confirmed by Marvel Studios but there are many reasons for Marvel fans to consider it as an opportunity.

This rumor about Tom Cruise as Iron Man has been circulating for a long time, even long before details of 'Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness' were released, but it has become relevant after what happened in 'Spiderman: No Way Home' and where Sony and Marvel demonstrated that anything is possible, even the most impossible. Recall that in the third movie starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker, the three Spider-Man met.

Many years ago, the protagonist of 'Mission Impossible' and 'Top Gun', would have been considered to play Tony Stark, long before the role was assigned to fellow actor Robert Downey Jr. at least fourteen years ago and it is something that true Marvel fans will still have in mind, therefore, the theories of seeing him join the UCM, have not been completely ruled out.

The idea that Marvel Studios would be looking for Cruise to be Iron Man in the next Doctor Strange movie (Benedict Cumberbatch), increased in September 2020 when this rumor began to sound, although it seemed that everything was left in it, this January 2022 rings again.

Tom Cruise could have a cameo and not replace Robert Downey Jr.

The name of Tom Cruise appears to be Iron Man although that may seem impossible, it is said that he would only appear in a cameo as an alternative version of the superhero. For this reason, the marvelitas consider that if the house of ideas could reunite the Spider-men of Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland, and Andrew Garfield, it could also put the Stark variant on screen in another of the universes.

The key and key for this to happen, if it were to be considered officially, we would find it in 'Spiderman: No Way Home' where we saw Benedict Cumberbatch precisely as Doctor Strange and situations that happened in the multiverse, which leaves the door open for the rest of the MCU.

Even though the idea does not sound so far-fetched, some are opposed to this supposed variant happening and have not limited themselves to expressing their disagreements on social networks, with comments such as:

"Please, God no, let Iron Man rest and only RDJ can play the character on screen", "I don't think this suits me, but it's okay! I mean, RDJ will always be the beloved Iron Man, but since it's just a cameo, "" I think Tom Cruise would be an amazing iron man. Not as good as RDJ, but he's a great actor in the right role. "

The possibility exists, however, it may or may not be confirmed before the premiere. Consider that the presence of Maguire and Garfield in 'No Way Home' was also rumored, and although it was never confirmed, they did eventually appear in the film. The question is, could something similar happen with Tom Cruise in 'Doctor Strange 2'? We don't know the answer, and speculation could continue.

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