All Of Us Are Dead: 5 facts about the Netflix zombie series - improv, choreography, and more

Image Credit: Netflix

Korean drama All Of Us Are Dead premiered on January 28 and remains in Netflix's Top 10

Korean drama All Of Us Are Dead (2022) took the terror of a zombie apocalypse to a high school. Amidst intense passions, vicious bullies, and college worries, the undead spread and become a national threat.

In 12 episodes, a group of students isolate themselves and devise various plans to dodge the zombies and get in touch with the city's rescue group. Each attempt, of course, draws gasps of tension from the audience.

Based on the webtoon Now at Our School, All Of Us Are Dead arrived on Netflix on January 28 and quickly entered the Netflix Top 10 - at the time of publication, the production was in second place in the ranking.

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All Of Us Are Dead: Adaptation for the Modern High School

Actor Park Solomon, who plays Lee Su Hyuk, revealed to Cosmopolitan Korea that the cast struggled "to act like modern Korean high school students," after all, the source material was released over 10 years ago. years ago when the webtoon was made, the culture of high school students is different now."

All Of Us Are Dead had a lot of improvisation

In the same interview, Solomon also said that filming was not tied to scripts. “We've included a lot of improvisation that is up to today's Korean schoolboys,” said the actor.

All Of Us Are Dead: The Student Uniform

Netflix India shared a behind-the-scenes video of the series, in which director Lee JQ comments on how the students' uniforms are purposefully green to contrast with the blood in the scenes and emphasize the intensity of the scenes.

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All Of Us Are Dead: Zombie Choreography

The director also revealed that the actors needed to rehearse to realistically simulate the mass contamination, similarly, the cast learned the zombie's transformation and attack moves from a dancer and choreographer.

All Of Us Are Dead: How to watch the series

Lee JQ also made some recommendations for viewers. "Turn up the volume and watch it louder than usual. Then you'll enjoy it more. Dim the room lights and dim the screen for a fun experience. Watch it often and you'll see things you missed the first time around."

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