Valimai Movierulz

Valimai Movierulz

The opportunity to make movies with superstars is getting too early for other viewers. If one or two hits are enough. The stars are calling and giving Maury chances. Ajith is a very big star in Tamil. The opportunity to make a film with oneself is not just ordinary words. This Golden Chance of Entertainment came a second time. 

Vinod caught everyone's attention with his super-duper flour-like 'Khakee'. She has remade Bollywood 'Pink' with Ajith in Tamil. That is why Ajit gave me another chance. The two have come up with an action package this time around. The same… `valimai`.

The story begins on the coast of Visakhapatnam. There is a gang killing, chain snatching. Something horrible every day. With that .. protest will be manifested in the people. ACP Arjun (Ajit) enters the field to stop the anarchy and instill courage in the people. He finds out that the main mastermind and character behind this gang is Narine (Kartikeya). What did Arjun do to catch Narain? The story of how he risked his life in that endeavor.

`Valimai` is an action thriller. That said, if the action misses, nothing will appear in this movie. Action aside, how did Ajith accept this story? Feels. This is a simple story. But the director did the magic by filling it with extraordinary action scenes. 

The theme of this movie is to choose the theme of Bike Racing Gang. Because there has never been a movie in such a backdrop. That makes all the action scenes feel new. The film has four massive action sequences. Not all of them are regular. Bike Chase, Bus Chase .. planned differently. 

Especially the bus chase that comes at the beginning of the second half is the biggest plus point for this movie. Watching a Southern movie or a Hollywood movie? Those feats that make all the wonder. That is, the director shot Fazil, not Chase Law. As the levels in the video game increase, as the tasks increase, as the chase stretches, a new thrill is added. 

One cannot help but admire the choreographer who designed that action chase and the cameraman who screened it so closely. Even a good sequence is planned before the interval. The longer the length, however, the more boring that action episode becomes. When the movie is over, after coming out, the bike sounds, the chases go wrong, the story ... I don't remember anything like Kakarkai.

Fast Half goes a bit racy. Gave a good lead to the second half. The bus chase begins as soon as the interval is complete. The movie is so good. But .. for the Tamil audience, what's better not to say in the story, the director put in the mother sentiment. It's really strong and sticky. Those sentimental scenes completely kill the feel of the story flow up to that point. After that, everything was routine. There are no big twists or turns. Just a thief - a police game. That's all.

The buildup given to Ajith's character is not all. The director did a little study for that role. Well designed. But that attention was not put on the rest of the characters. The most important character in this story, Narain (Kartikeya), is played by Tu Tu Mantra. 

The emotion that should have preceded the action scenes never worked out. The length of the film is also a matter of embarrassment. The Hollywood inspiration for this movie is clearly visible. The action scenes were shot as well. When a big plate is laid on it, unnecessary drama and sentiment should not be allowed to enter you. 

We are thinking at the international level... They have tied to the old formula again. If the film had been sharply edited, limited to two hours and the sentimental scenes had been tampered with, it would certainly have left a good action film on the Indian screen.

Ajit has similar characters. He is a racer by nature. This role allowed him to express his passion. However, Ajit Mari looks fat. Too hard to move on the screen. It remains clear that all the action scenes were dragged down with dope. Karthikeyan has once again appeared as a villain. It is a great thing to work with Ajith and get a chance in a film with such a big span. 

Other than that .. there are no scenes that prove themselves new. Surprisingly, the director takes his character lightly. Although Huma was well acquainted with Qureshi's character, in the end, it was watered down due to the character not being designed properly.

More credit should be given to action masters. The fights and chases that they have done make the eyes surrender to the silver screen. Yuvan Shankar Raja's lyrics are not very impressive. But the bgms given in the action scenes helped a lot. Vinod is struggling with storytelling. 

There is no point in having great action scenes. There should be a good story between them. Must be able to write an interesting story. They both do not appear in Valimai. The extraordinary action scenes in an ordinary story evoke a mixed feeling. 

Finishing Touch: Thief Police Game 

Rating: 2/5

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