ET Movierulz: Suriya ET Movie In Telugu - Is it for the Tamil audience? Think about Telugu?

ET Movierulz

Two years have passed since Surya came into cinema theaters. Aakashame Nee Haddura, Jai Bheem movies have been released in OTT. Against this backdrop, his fans in Tamil Nadu are eagerly waiting for Surya Cinema. If the two movies released on OTT platforms are biopics ... Eti (no one cares) is a message-oriented commercial film. How is this movie released today in Telugu along with Tamil?

Story: Krishna Mohan (Surya) Lawyer. He has a lot of fun with his father (Sathyaraj) and mother (Saranya). His is happy family life. However ... that emotion that always haunts him is sisterhood. She does not appear. But, Krishnamohan gets emotional every time he hears the call of Annayya. As such, he responds immediately if he finds out that the girl has been wronged. 

Analysis: This is an informative commercial film. Surya has done commercial films like 'Singam'. However ... many Telugu audiences also expected that 'ET Movierulz' would be new as his last two films were filmed with content and commercial values. However ... the 'spear' first half watering down on those hopes. 

It is also doubtful how Surya made such a silly movie and why he actually said OK. The answer to those doubts will be available in the second half. However ... the audience already begins to become disinterested. Yes? Is the movie that bad? Before you think ... go into the analysis.

A very serious issue was discussed in the film. With the rise of technology, and the availability of mobiles, privacy for women has gone without a hitch. Where, what camera eye is chasing the woman? Harassing? Unknown condition. There are also cases of women being raped or forced to die due to blackmail. 

The image was taken in the context of that issue. However ... it was in the second half but did not know. Maybe ... for women, the sun would have made a ‘spear’ to instill courage in women. However ... the director took a long time to tell the real story. Faustoff filled everything with Tamil-themed scenes. 

The love story between the hero and the heroine is not even that interesting. With that comes the fact that the audience's interest in the film wanes. Technically, the film is at a high level. D. Iman's songs can impress Tamil audience. The background music is impressive. Superb re-recording of action scenes and heroism elevation scenes. Ratnavelu’s cinematography is classy.

When it comes to the cast ... Surya looked smart. Lungi was seen wearing a tie in most of the scenes. In the emotional scenes, the acting was amazing as always. Surya and Priyanka Arul Mohan are a good couple. The heroine looked beautiful. 

She needs to show more maturity in the emotional scenes. Sathyaraj, Saranya, Vinay Roy, etc. acted according to the range of roles. No one did much. No one did less. But, the Telugu audience may not like the smell of Tamil due to the movie background.

Nobody cares ... there is power in the title. It's in the hero character. Suppose it appears in the fight before the interval, the second half. The women were given a nice skepticism that no one should be embarrassed. That's good. In a scene between Surya and Priyanka Arul Mohan, it is good to question society. But, the Tamil Nativity has become more in the film. 

Even if some people like that comedy and scenes ... it will be a bit difficult for the majority of Telugu audiences to watch Fastoff. The second half feels okay. 'Spear' is for the audience who just want to see the movie for the message. When the movie is over ... did you make the movie for the Tamil audience? Have you thought about the Telugu audience? Haven't thought? The audience is not wrong if they have the opinion that.

Such as ... What did Krishnamohan do after learning that 500 girls from his hometown were suffering from depression due to Kamesh (Vinay Roy), the son of a Union Minister? If Kamesh's estranged wife Adira (Priyanka Arul Mohan) resists committing suicide ... how did Krishnamohan dare? How did Kamesh stop the anarchy? Is a movie.

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