To watch the movie 'RRR', are these ten reasons enough? or Want more !?

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'RRR: Roudram Ranam Rudhiram' ... What's in the movie so far? Is a mystery. Not anymore! Because ... in a few hours 'RRR' will come to the front of the audience. What’s in the movie comes out. No matter how much you say not to reveal suspense and twists ... how can there be people who share on social media. 

Some people say no. All this aside ... there is a huge hype on cinema in the Telugu states. Craze skyrocketed. Tickets are not available. For four and a half days the theaters were house full. Why is 'RRR' such a craze? Why watch a movie? I mean ... here, there are these ten reasons! Are these too? Want more?


'RRR' is the first name Rajamouli. Yes ... this is a Rajamouli movie. Although NTR and Ram Charan star in it ... this is a Rajamouli movie. Both the heroes said that Tamiddaram made the film because he is the director. Rajamouli is the undefeated director so far. Although Rajamouli says that his first film 'Student No. 1' will be an amateur ... so far there is no film that Rajamouli has disappointed the mass audience. 

Mass does not mean B, C center audience ... majority audience! Rajamouli is a virtuoso in making the audience travel emotionally with the film and capturing the goosebumps coming moments - fights. I will happily go to 'RRR' for him. If you look at the promotional films released by Already ... it is clear that he did not disappoint.

NTR - Ram Charan

Another special attraction for 'RRR' along with Rajamouli is the NTR-Ram Charan combination. Rajamouli brought the combination of the two to the screen. NTR comes from the Nandamuri family. Ram Charan has entered the industry as the successor of Megastar. They are both good friends. That friendship was also seen in the 'RRR' interview. 

However ... among the two fans, is there that friendship between Nandamuri fans and Konidela fans? I.e. doubts. We see occasional fan wars on social media. No one expected the two of them to film together at such a moment. Now everyone is interested in how it was done. This is a rare multistarrer movie. After this, the young heroes of the Nandamuri and Konidela families can make a movie together. But, 'RRR' has a special place.

Rajamouli's next film after 'Baahubali'

'Baahubali' has been released in two parts. Both were huge successes. In particular, 'Baahubali 2' broke Indian box office records. The next film to be directed by Rajamouli was 'RRR'.

Komuram Bheem - Alluri characters

The story may be fictional ... the characters may be fictional ... but the names are the same! Goosebumps came when NTR was seen in promotional films and YouTube as Ram Charan and Komuram Bheem as Alluri Sitaramaraj. What does it look like on a 70mm screen? Just Imagine! 

There are a lot of audiences who want to go to the movies just to see them both in those roles. And when it comes to characters ... how much freedom did Rajamouli take? Are historical characters shown as well? Or not? The fictional story is the same. But, what about the characters? If you watch the movie, you will know.

Visuals - Huge budget!

A big-budget movie in Telugu. When it comes to that ... maybe, it will be the biggest budget movie in India. Remunerations for Bollywood stars are high. Making cost is low. 'RRR' making cost Rs. 335 crores. If you watch the trailer, you will know that so much has been spent. Grandier can also go to the cinema for visuals. Rajamouli - KK Senthilkumar combination is the name given to the grand visuals. Another image comes in a combination of the two of them.

'Sirivennela' Dosti - 'Natu Natu' Song!

The kick that a movie gives is to give the song 'Natu Natu'. No matter what the rest of the songs are ... 'Natu Natu' song went up in the audience's mind. NTR - Two eyes are not enough to see Ram Charan taking steps. Another ... 'Dosti' song written by 'Sirivennela'. Sirivennela's style is to write songs that adapt to the story and reveal the soul in the story. 

'RRR' tells the story in one line, 'Dosti to the poor, to the poor.' He started the song 'Puliki - Vilukadiki, Talaki - Uritadi' and increased his interest in the film. If the theaters are worried about the song 'Natu Natu' ... will you watch the song 'Dosti' with your eyes closed with emotion! Rajamouli cinema means Keeravani background music is highlighted. Good background music can be imagined in this movie as well.

Alia Bhatt!

Alia Bhatt is introducing 'RRR' to the Telugu screen. This is also the first Telugu movie of famous Hindi hero Ajay Devgan! Foreign sister-in-law Olivia Morris is the first Indian filmmaker. Alison Doody, Ray Stevenson, Shriya, Samudrakhani, Rahul Ramakrishna ... the huge cast is going to be a special attraction for the film.

NTR fight with the tiger!

NTR fight with a tiger! - A word heard during the shooting of the movie. The shot that confronts the Tiger NTR is super! - Word was heard after the trailer was released. How will this fight be?

Tearful NTR - Ram Charan Fight!

Is the NTR fight with the tiger the only one? There is also a fight between NTR - Ram Charan. Unit talk that it makes the audience cry. Along with these two, the audience loved the scene where Ram Charan hits the crowd, the action scenes in the glimpses, the ending shot in the trailer - every action shot shown in the promotional films. There is a mark for Rajamouli in shooting action scenes. Some audiences go for those fights.  

Vijayendra Prasad & Emotion!

It is known that Rajamouli's father Vijayendra Prasad provided the story for the movie 'RRR'. However ... he did not appear anywhere in the campaign after the film's release. He has provided good stories for Rajamouli films. Vijayendra Prasad's style is to give the audience the emotion they want more than anything new. Not only the action but also the emotional scenes written by him are highlighted in the film.

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