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'Salute' is a Malayalam movie starring Dulquer Salman in the role of a police officer. Although the name is a Malayalam movie ... it has also been dubbed in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada. Another interesting topic in 'Salute' is that it is also produced by Dulquer Salman. The film was initially planned to be released in theaters. 

However ... Corona was released on Sony Live OTT due to the third wave. The Kerala Theater Association was outraged. Dulquer banned films and imposed a ban on him. Dulquer has decided not to release films starring Salman in theaters in Kerala anymore. More than promotional films ... this controversy has caused people to focus on 'Salute'. And how is the movie (Salute Review)?

Story: An Essay by Arvind Karunakaran (Dulquer Salman). Inspired by his own elder brother, DSP Ajit Karunakaran (Manoj K. Jayan) becomes a policeman. However ... Arvind does not like the need to arrest an innocent man in a murder case due to political pressure. Long leave Petty to a police job, away from elder brother - family. Arvind, who came to Sonthur again to marry his elder brother's daughter, tries to reopen the old case. 

The elder brother does not agree to that. If it is known that the police are the reason for the life sentence of an innocent person ... All the policemen who investigated the case should go to jail. The elder brother uses his power to restrain his younger brother. Who won the Battle of the Reassurances? Did Arvind find out who the real killer was? In the end, where does this story end up? Is the rest of the movie.

Analysis: Khaki (police) stories, especially crime investigation dramas, are well received by our audience. Not only do police officers like the commercial format like 'Singam' but also heroes like Karthi in 'Khaki'. Serious films like 'Nandi' are also favored. 'Salute' had the feeling of being a good thriller movie when I saw the promotional films. The same feeling lasts for a while before the movie starts. That feeling diminishes as the story progresses. The feeling of stretching the movie starts.

If the police portray the innocent as a criminal ... a 'prologue' is formed with the storyline of a lawyer standing up for him. But, Essay does not like to arrest an innocent man in 'Salute Movierulz'. Moreover, he does not shy away from knowing that his own elder brother may go to jail with him. The villain does not know who he is. It is possible to drive the story with good drama and thrilling elements. The movie has good content. 

Maybe ... when you hear the story you like these elements and Dulquer Salman agrees to produce the movie! How good is the story ... What's the point when the story is slow and the story is not moving forward? It would have been nice if director Roshan Andrews had focused on the story. Cinematography, production values, music are good.

Dulquer Salman played the role of a sincere police officer. The way he underplayed in some scenes, the way the emotions were expressed was good. Manoj K. Jayan's role as Dulquer's elder brother. Without the role of the heroine Diana Penty ... there would be no big change in the story. There is also nothing she has done as an actress. Looked beautiful in terms of looks. That's it! It must be said that there are no familiar faces and memorable characters in the rest of the cast.

Speaking of 'Salute' ... this is an investigative thriller. But, there are no thrilling elements. The drama is high. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The story does not move forward until the hero takes a long leave and joins duty again. The scenes in the middle are not even interesting. Seems to have gone too slowly. However ... the pre-climax is a bit interesting. Everyone may not like the different climaxes.

How is the movie 'Salute'? That aside ... the viewers who have seen the Telugu version will be surprised by the lack of relevance to the visuals seen on the screen and the names of the villages mentioned. It would be good if those who watch dubbing affairs realize that Telugu cinema is not over by mentioning the names of cities and towns in Telugu states. 

In 'Salute' he wrote dialogues about Hyderabad, port, Khammam, and Kazipet. If you look at the screen ... Kerala weather is visible. Khammam is also known as Kazipet. If cut ... there will be scenes in the coastal areas. Take the employee from the secretariat ... go to the hero crime spot in the boat. When you see these scenes 'Khammam, where is the sea in Hyderabad Boss?' Feels.

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