The Batman 2022 Movierulz: Telugu+Tamil+Hindi+Eng

The Batman Movierulz

Every era has its Batman and it has been a decade since the character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger did not have an exclusive leading role on the big screen. The new film achieves its main objective: to inaugurate a stage with a new actor (Robert Pattinson), aesthetics, and a renewed universe. An era begins here for the hero of Gotham City and all that surrounds him.

Batman was a detective, pop icon, freak, comedy, drama, action, and fantasy throughout the decades. He changed his tone many times and actors very different from each other personified him. It took him a long time to get to the screen stably, but when he did, the public bet again and again to see his adventures.

The great founder of his popularity was the universe of the series of the sixties, starring Adam West and Burt Ward. For many, he was not the true Batman, but absolutely all subsequent films, including the one that is being released now, pay him a well-deserved tribute. Without that series, Bruce Wayne would not be the popular character that he is.

It is known that when Christopher Nolan began making Batman movies, he convinced several of the actors who worked with him by showing them a script that did not say it was a Batman film. Well, here the director and screenwriter Matt Reeves could have done the same, because of all the films made about the superhero, The Batman Movierulz movie is the one that looks more like police than a fantasy movie. 

Although the action takes place in a Gotham City that is a little less realistic than that of Nolan's films and although Batman has his usual suit, the plot that the film tells is very similar to a black policeman in the style of David Fincher's films. . It resembles Deadly Sins (Seven, 1995) and Zodiac (2007) more than any of Batman's predecessors.

The hero of Gotham City recovers the original detective spirit that the character had in his beginnings and the plot reduces technological tricks and gadgets as much as possible. It shows some new ones, yes, so that the fans are not disappointed, but as far as Batman 2022 can try to be a full-fledged black cop. With a serial killer who is leaving clues and with a femme fatale who has an ambiguous relationship with the protagonist.

The dark, brownish images, even with sepia moments that the film has, link it even more with Fincher, although the visual universe of Matt Reeves is also perceived, particularly at the beginning of it. The Batman has many horror film elements and a large part of the settings deteriorate, dirty places, respecting the aforementioned color palette. 

Batman looks a little different, but not that much, although the Riddler (Paul Dano) does look like something out of another universe. The crazy concept that the previous versions handled here is changed by disturbing and humorless sadomasochistic imagery. Other than a few brief lines of dialogue, Batman has no humor at all. 

Of all the times the character has been brought to the screen, this is definitely the one that lacks any form of humor. It is not accidental, it is a decision according to the emotional tone that the whole story has.

Robert Pattinson is the right actor for this style of film, in fact, all the casting is on point, always aiming for a stylized but never overly beautiful story. The leather mask, the Catwoman suit (ZoĆ« Kravitz), and even the Batman car all have a foot in the realistic. The action scenes are long in coming and during the first third the plot is almost exclusively detective. 

Then there will be some shocking moments, always with the aforementioned aesthetics and achieving several absolutely original scenes. Gotham City is more corrupt than ever and the film focuses on this theme as well. A beautiful final scene promises that the character will return and that possibly, already introduced to society, he can further explore his world and his adventures.

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