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KGF 2 Movie In Telugu: Before the release of 'KGF', Yash (Hero Yash) was only a Kannada star. With one film, director Prashanth Neel made him a Pan India star. If 'KGF 2', the sequel to 'KGF', got huge openings across the country ... you can understand the impact of that film. And, will 'KGIF 2' have the same level of impact? How is the movie?

Story: Where the 'KGF' story ends, the 'KGF 2' story begins. The story of the first chapter is told by Anand Vasiraju, while the story of the second chapter is told by his son Vijayendra Vasiraju (Prakash Raj). And when it comes to the story ...

Rocky Bhai (Yash) captures Narachi after killing Garuda. The accident comes in the form of Adhira (Sanjay Dutt) at a moment when he thinks he is not waiting. Who is the reason for the survival of Adhira who thinks everyone is dead? Who was the reason he came back again? What did Rocky Bhai and the new Prime Minister Ramika Sen (Raveena Tandon) know about his empire? Adhira on the one hand ... Ramika Sen on the other ... How did Rocky Bhai face the obstacles in the middle? In the end, what did he do? Is the rest of the movie.

KGF: Chapter 2

Analysis: Those who have seen 'KGF' will understand the style of director Prashant Neil. The film was successful in showing the film in a different commercial tone from the commercial films that the audience regularly sees. That tone continued in 'KGF 2' as well. Action sequences, hero elevations, and scenes showing heroism are written at the next level. Also brought to the screen is Prashant Neil. 

Some people may not like it. Except for the over-the-board action scenes mass audience ... family audiences have no chance of liking them. One thing has to be said here ... The main reason for the criticism after the release of 'KGF' is the increase in action and elevation. That critique can be heard even louder in the case of this film. 

Because ... there is a lot of violence in action scenes. Mother sentiment is ripe with 'KGF'. It should be noted that the second chapter is somewhat reduced in terms of sentiment. The depth of the story became a little less. Prashant Neil, who has shown immense love for Hero Elevations, has taken the good output from the camera, music, and editing departments. 

Those three cinematography are Hollywood style. Editing on the car chasing sequence is good. Ravi Basroor The film cannot be imagined without music. Little is said about the background music he gave to Hero Elevation Shots.

KGF: Chapter 2

Yash lives in the role of Rocky Bhai. Can't imagine anyone other than him actually in that role. Yash who uttered the roar of the lion's dream of the enemy ... Mother Sentiment scenes, love scenes also did well. Two actors need to be talked about most importantly after Yash. One ... Raveena Tandon. Another ... Sanjay Dutt!

Leaving aside how long Raveena Tandon has been seen as Prime Minister ... every time she appears, no one but her can be seen in the frame. Did the dialogue 'Ghus ke Marenge' say in the trailer? Her acting in that scene is even more powerful. That scene is in a range in the Impact movie. Sanjay Dutt Getup is good. 

His entry scene is super. After that, the character arc did not go as expected. Well done as long as. The voice of Prakash Raj in the role of Vijayendra Vasiraju helped to explain the story of that modulation. Compared to 'KGF' for the role of heroine Srinidhi Shetty ... the importance of 'KGF 2' has increased. Ishwari Rao, Rao Ramesh, Achuth Kumar, etc. have shown their talent in the range of roles.

'Powerful people make places Powerful' - A dialogue in 'KGIF2'. How much truth there is in that ... 'Powerful performances, camera work, music bring the film to the audience more powerfully' is only 100 percent true. There are some flaws in 'KGIF2' in terms of story, narration, and character portrayal. A half-hour before the movie starts is good. After that, the story does not move forward except for Hero Elevations. Again gaining speed near the interval. 

Nowhere in the second half after that did the momentum subside. Beyond our imagination, the film went ahead with a surprise. As mentioned earlier the film is difficult to impress audiences from all walks of life. Impresses audiences who love commercial and mass movies. One more thing ... do not come out of the theater after the titles fall. There is another scene after the end cards. Do not miss it.

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