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KRK Telugu

KRK (Kanmani Rambo Katija) starring Vijay Sethupathi, Nayantara and Samantha were released in theaters on Friday. Directed by Vignesh Sivan, the film has been well received by the audience. Vijay Sethupathi, who was introduced to the Telugu audience along with Lady Superstar Nayantara and Samantha, was cast as the hero. And is the movie at that level? Did Vignesh Sivan hit his third hit in a row?

Story: Rekhapalli Anandaraju Madanagopala Bhogeshwar (Vijay Sethupathi) alias Rambo believes he is unlucky. Rambo stays away from home as his father dies on his birthday and his mother is confined to bed. With the arrival of Kanmani (Nayantara), Katija (Samantha) appears happy in her life. Rambo falls in love with two people without even knowing it. However, he feels guilty that he is doing something wrong. What did Rambo do then? Which of the two was chosen? If you want to know these things, you have to watch a movie ...

Analysis: If we have best friends we like everyone the same. Parents love two children equally. Is it possible to love two girls equally, purely without any malice? The film is directed by Vignesh Sivan. His previous films Nanum Rowdy Dan (Nenu Rowdy in Telugu) and Tana Senda Koottam (Gang in Telugu) were also successful in Telugu. The director, who passed the film in terms of comedy, failed in terms of emotion.


Vignesh Sivan who shared the hero equally between the two in the story ... showed the comedy part completely in the Katija episode and the emotion part completely in the Nayantara episode. The Rambo-Kanmani episode is a bit emotional and the Rambo-Katija episode is funny. The tea-coffee and almond-pistachio episodes in particular are hilarious. 

In the scenes where the hero says he loves both of them, the TV show episode that connects with it goes on for fun. However, in the second half, when Kanmani and Katija found out the truth about Rambo, the story completely slipped away. The connection that comes with the hero emotion at the beginning of the movie is completely detached in the second half. 

The director also seems to be confused about how to take the original story forward. But the climax is impressive. The dialogues told by Vijay Sethupathi are touching. Meanwhile we end the movie with another fun scene and come out of the theaters with a smile on our face. But the deficit related to emotion remains the same.

Another big plus point for the film is the music by Anirudh. The songs he provided for the film have already become chartbusters. The background music is also impressive. Editing should be a little sharper. The length would have been 2 hours and 15 minutes if the unnecessary scenes had been cut. The construction values ​​are impressive.

And when it comes to the cast ... Vijay Sethupathi is the batter to do such roles. His acting as Rambo is very natural. What he is doing at a time when the two are equally in love is impressive in his acting in the ambiguous scenes of Correcta and Tappa. Laughs well when proposing to both at once. The two heroines are also caught up in their roles. Nayantara and Samantha are a perfect fit for those characters. And the rest of the cast is impressive in their range.

Overall ... if you want to watch a good comedy movie and laugh for a while, you can watch this New Age love story once. However Acharya will be released tomorrow (Friday) so it remains to be seen to what extent the audience will appreciate this movie!

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