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Bhala Thandanana

Bhala Thandanana is a film directed by Chaitanya Danthuluri and Sri Vishnu, with Catherine Teresa as the lead role. Chaitanya Danthuluri, who has shot various films like Banam and Basanti, is making his action film debut, with Sri Vishnu, who chooses new genres of stories, being the hero in the film. The interestingly cut trailer without fully revealing the story in the film also aroused the interest of the audience. Did this movie live up to expectations? Did Sri Vishnu win?

Story: Shashi Rekha (Catherine Teresa) is an Investigative Journalist. He is a man who has the courage to put in front of people without fear of anyone no matter how big a scam comes to his attention. He accidentally meets Chandu (Sri Vishnu) who works as an accountant in an orphanage. 

Meanwhile, a series of murders are taking place in the city. Shashirekha confirms that hawala king Anand Bali (Garuda Ram) was behind these murders. Chandu and Shashirekha get stuck in it in order to investigate it deeply. How many turns does this story take from there? How did Chandu and Shashirekha get out of it? You have to watch a movie to know.

Bhala Thandanana

Analysis: These are the days when you put a bigger plateau on the story that drives it than the strong story. Audiences reject any great story if the narrative is not correct. Even if a small line is taken the screenplay is getting bloody if cooked properly. As Rajamouli said at the pre-release event of the story, although the twist revelation process is good ... the flaws in the screenplay look like stones under the tooth when the film is fully seen and released. 

What would it be like if a speed breaker suddenly came on while driving at 120 km / h on a good highway? If another speed breaker comes on while the ponley is picking up speed again to see if it is the same! Travel is not annoying.

Bhala Thandana movie starts off very interesting. The kidnapping sequence that comes at the beginning is wonderfully written and shot by Chaitanya Danthuluri. But after that the story takes a routine trail. A comedy flashback to the hero, a love track with the heroine, the songs continue to interfere like speed breakers in the movie. There is some comedy in Sri Vishnu Flashback. When the murders start happening in the city, the movie gets speed again. The interval sequence, though predictable, further heightens interest in the second half.

Here the screenplay writer in Chaitanya Danthuluri is back on duty. The story runs from the interval to the pre-climax. Chaitanya screened these scenes so that he could sit on the seat edge and watch without getting bored for even a single minute. Satya Innocent is a big plus for a comedy film. One-liners written for his character explode well. 

Bhala Thandanana

But the climax brings the movie graph down a bit. The design climax is not so impressive that it is new. Feel we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. After watching the whole movie, it is doubtful whether the story has an original conclusion. He also gave a hint to the sequel at the end that he was going to elevate it.

None of the songs provided by Manisharma are impressive. The background score is also sosogane. Marthand K. Venkatesh Editing should be a little sharper. Suresh Ragutu Cinematography is good. Srikanth Visa dialogues are impressive. The construction values ​​are impressive.

And when it comes to the cast ... acting in such a role is completely new to Sri Vishnu. He looks a bit new on screen as there are also a few shades of gray in the character. Catherine Teresa, who appeared in the role of Investigative Journalist, did justice to her role. The comedian has shouldered the entire fun part in the movie Satya. He laughs with body language and typical timing, even in serious scenes. Garuda Ram, who plays the villain, appears throughout the film with the same expression. Her make-up is very unnatural. The rest of the cast did justice to their roles.

Overall ... those who love action and thriller genres can watch this movie once. It would have been a good movie if a little care had been taken in terms of screenplay.

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