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Aadi Saikumar is a young hero who is making a series of films regardless of his successes. The movie 'Black' starring him was released in theaters today. How is this movie (Black Telugu movie Review)?

Story: Aditya (Adi Saikumar) Police Constable. That job comes to him when his father dies. On the first day of joining duty, a merchant in the colony found Rs. 50 lakhs will be stolen. On the second day, gangster Rawat's younger brother Dadu is killed. Who committed those two crimes? Why does Rawat think that his younger brother was killed by Aditya? Why does SI Vihan Verma (Kaushal Manda) think that Aditya stole Rs 50 lakh from the robbers in addition to the murder? How did Aditya get out of this predicament? Police, how did Rawat escape? Who is Hanika (Darshana Banik)? What is her role in this story? Finally, what happened? Is the rest of the movie.

Analysis: If the hero has any disorder ... the box office has found a hit formula! An example is a 'Ghajini', a 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoy' and a 'Mahanubhavudu'. However ... do comedy with a flaw in the hero? Want to make a thriller movie that will thrill the audience? Is in the hands of the director. 'Black' director GB Krishna wanted to make a thriller. However, failed to pick up.

Director Jibi Krishna took a good concept. The interval twist is well written. Gave the film a good ending. However ... before and after the interval, no attention was paid to writing the story, scenes and words that impressed the audience. The comedy scenes that come in Fastoff test the Love Track audience patience. It does not matter if the story is interesting or not, even after the interval twist. After the Main Twist was revealed ... the scenes got even more boring. 

The longer the climax the better. Outdated dialogues irritated. The name of the heroine in the movie is malicious. The name seemed to be used for the use of the word malicious in the dialogue. The film has dialogues like 'If you are a listener, put on a headset and tell a fairy tale in English'.

F3 Fun and Frustration

The song 'Na Guppedanta' which comes after the hero heroines fall in love is good. Pictorialization is also okay. Music director Suresh Bobbili tried to add suspense to the scenes with background music. Cinematography Just Average. In some scenes VFX is not original. Madhunandan can edit the scene in the car with 'drunk' Ramesh. It would be nice if the editor could add scissors to some such scenes.

Adi Saikumar did well in fights. Attempts to show intensity in emotional and suspense scenes. Did justice to his role. At least the lip sync didn't work either ... nothing more can be said about Darshana Banik's acting! The scenes where the hero appears to be the mother are few. However, her acting is good. Ananda Chakrapani appeared in one or two scenes. There are artists like 'Satyam' Rajesh, Prithvi, 'Thagubothu' Ramesh, Kaushal ... The director failed to take the best output from them.

Final Punch: Adi Saikumar must make another attempt for a hit. A twist, a song, two or three scenes are good but audiences who want to go and see them can go. Adi Saikumar's effort and producer's money wasted due to directorial error.

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