The trailer release of Dhaakad had raised many hopes among the audience and cinematographers regarding the action film. Kangana's fast-paced action and Arjun Rampal-Divya Dutta's savagery seen during the trailer piques your curiosity about the film. Then when you go to the theatre, you are faced with Expectation vs Reality. The expectations that were raised during the trailer and the film received in reality feel cheated.


The film begins with a powerful action sequence of Agent Agni (Kangana Ranaut), where she saves children from trafficking by risking her own life using guns, swords, and other weapons. In this mission, Agni finds a Pendrive, which contains the details of Rudraveer (Arjun Rampal), the head of Asia's largest child trafficking group. Filled with hatred against the government, Rudraveer and his partner Rohini (Divya Dutta) engage in child trafficking all over the world, besides grabbing coal mines. Agni's next mission is to eliminate this faction but in this journey, Agni comes across many more truths, which shake even his faith.



Rajneesh Ghai, who made his directorial debut with Dhaakad, was so lost in the grandeur of the film and its action that the story side is completely ignored. Not only in the first half, but for a long time in the second half, you keep trying to find the story. Forced action sequences are not able to justify the logic in many places. The more complicated the second half, the more boring and boring the second half proves to be. 

Watch the film with the same emotion in the whole theater, when will it end brother? Especially the song 'So Ja... So Ja... So Jaa Re..' repeated by each character throughout the film can really make you sleep in the theatre. Cinematographer Tetsuo Nagata, called from abroad, has done his job well. In terms of visuals, the film definitely gives a Hollywood feel. 

There is a repetition of scenes at many places in the editing of Rameshwar S Bhagat. There is no novelty in the action choreography, but seeing a female actor doing intense level action can prove to be a treat for the audience. This experiment of Kangana is commendable. He has undoubtedly raised the graph of the level of activity among Bollywood actresses.



The casting of the film could have been its strong side but the confusion of the screenplay has kept them confused. Even Kangana's strong action could not save this film. Of course, Kangana's hard work on fitness and training and technique is visible, but when the script itself is not right, then everything looks ineffective. Strong actors like Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta, Sharib Hashmi, and Shashwata Chatterjee played their work sincerely but still, they could not strengthen the story of the film. Dhakad has become such an example that no matter how good a starcast you keep, if there is no life in the story, then everything becomes useless.

why to Watch

In the Bollywood industry, Kangana has set a benchmark of action among female actresses with this film. Seeing an actress doing this level of action is a treat for action lovers. The film can be seen for its beautiful location and the best visual effects. There is no power in the story, if you are going to the theater in the hope of the best story, then the film will disappoint you.

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