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Sivakarthikeyan starrer 'Don' tells the story of the ego battle between the last bench student and the teacher, on the one hand, and the message that everyone should search for the purpose of his life.

Like all middle class fathers in India, the emperor's father enrolled him in engineering studies. For a hero who does not study for nothing, engineering becomes even worse. Not only this, with the help of Bhuminathan the teacher in the college is also getting heavier. The emperor becomes the savior, not the college, by a teacher who believes that discipline is more important than study.

What became of the ego war between the two? What is the future of the student emperor? Dad Son Son Emotional Pages, Love, Naughty Mix Everything Comes In A Variety Package `Don '.

Sivakarthikeyan as Dana. The body weight of the college student and the role of the school student has been reduced to fit well. So much energy in the songs that SK plays. Challenging SJ Surya, begging Samuthirakani and quarreling with the students, he plays a colorful 'don' role. He has done it beautifully at the right meter.


SJ Surya in the role of a raid as a disciplinary instrument. Bhuminathan pours villainy into every scene. 'Wally' is a random addition of mannerisms with image reference. Samuthirakani as a strict father. Samuthirakani should be the most acted film in South India at present. He has been acting in the Telugu 'Zumma Vandupokum' template villain films and has been making a name for himself in Tamil films with heavy roles. The scene where he moves with a smile in the final moments of the film is a beautiful painting.

Priyanka Mohan as the heroine. His character is as wide-ranging as the scenes, the emotional scenes. But, the acting could have been a little more subtle. Many teachers like Manopala, Kali Venkat, Muniskanth, George Marion, Sella. Although not likely to play a big role, Adira Pandilakshmi, who plays Siva's mother, applauds in the final scenes of the film. Suri, RJ Vijay, Bigg Boss Raju, Bala Saravanan, Shivangi, Sharik Hassan are the supporting cast. Vijay, Bala Saravanan and Raju impress in this crowd.

Debut director CB Chakraborty has prepared a commercial package for the first film, which mixes college life, school life, desire, dream, sentiment and rage. It has become a workout in a lot of places.


Although the cinematography is intermittent in the second half, the emotional scenes are perfect for telling the audience what to say. CB has safely landed the first film for the big hero in that category.

Although there are a lot of characters he has set the scenes in the right proportions for everyone. 'Jala Pula Jangu' in Anirudh's music will now become an Evergreen College Culturals song. The song 'Private Party' is taken colorfully. The song 'Bay' and the motivational song that comes at the end did not impress me much. Ani has added strength to the emotions as usual in the background music.

Despite all these pluses, the first half scenes, which should have been written in an interesting way for the character who claims to be the Last Bench Student, the naughty student, are almost gone. Since there are a lot of branch stories in the film, I don’t know if they refused to focus on it.

The length of the school scenes may also have been slightly reduced. Sivakarthikeyan, who travels long distances by car across the Seven Seas and Seven Seas, also has a type of panic that can lead to more than one stage of boredom. Why pass all that?

Don 'would have been even more colorful if the first half had taken more care of the college scenes. However, this 'don' will definitely give you the experience of still coming to the theaters as a family and watching a movie in peace.

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