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Siddharth has nothing special to say about acting. Although the movies have been declining a bit recently .. he got another chance to show his talent with the web series. Siddharth impresses the audience with the web series 'Escaype Live' released on 'Disney Plus Hot Star'. This web series that came up with a subject that no one has touched so far .. is very close to the current situation.

Until a few days ago, the youth who spent a lot of time with 'Tik Tok' and 'Dub Smash' .. are now posting various videos on 'Shorts', 'Reels', 'Chingari', and 'Taka Tak'. While some are showcasing their talent through these .. others are posting outrageous videos to do something and go viral. Everyone chooses their own way to go viral. 'Escape Live' is a web series that balances all such characters. This series is an attempt to show that the lives around us are blindfolded.

Story: Krishna (Siddharth), a software engineer from Bangalore, has to take care of his mother and sister as he does not have a father. Unable to find a suitable job, he joins the short video app 'Escaype Live' as a monitor. A young man who values ​​dark traditions. However, he seeks to ban pornographic videos from 'Escape Live'. 

On this occasion, a young woman named Fetish Girl bans her video because it crosses the line. His boss (Valuscha de Souza) did not take action on such videos as instructed. Madanapadutu implicitly .. wants to do without the opportunity for pornography in the app anyway. What he did for this should be seen on television. However, the dark character is only a part of it. The stories of Krishna and five other characters run in parallel. 

Escaype Live

All those stories are based on the 'Escape App'. No matter how many diamond emojis come in this app .. they will become so popular. That is why waitress Heena (Plabita Bardakar) shows off her beauty as a fetish girl in her spare time on the app. Darky (Sumedh Mudgalkar), a young psycho, is gaining popularity with prank videos. A mother who dreams of participating in a dance competition on TV and becoming popular, hands over her daughter Rani (Adya Sharma) to her younger brother. 

With this, he makes her popular on the Escape app as the queen of dance. She even does hormone injections without her parents' knowledge to make her look like a young woman. A young man (Ritwik Shorey) who works in a supermarket is a fan of Darkie. To become as popular as him, Amcha tries to gain fans by making sensational videos under the name Sider. Raj Kumar (Rohit Chandel), who works in a bank, secretly lives another life. 

He makes videos in the guise of a girl named Meena to show his talent. Swetha Tripathi appeared in the role of a young woman helping him. ‘Escape Live’ app .. announces a prize of Rs 3 crore for those who achieve the most diamonds. Since then their lives have taken unpredictable turns. How much will they spend to achieve that Rs 3 crore? What kind of work do you do? What kind of adverse conditions does Krishna face? What are the challenges for those who have reached the brink of victory? Who will win in the end? Is the rest of the story.

Analysis: Director Siddharth Tiwari's choice of subject is an adventure. However, making it possible to impress the audience is another challenge. However, Tiwari has had some success in this regard. But, the story lacked speed. Some feel well stretched. It takes a lot of patience to watch this series. Having to show 5 main characters one after the other makes us feel lag. However, such hesitations are common in such stories. 

Escaype Live

Also, Siddharth seems to have adapted the character even better. Because the innocent sister is talking to someone .. Siddharth arrests the man and it is difficult to digest the scenes like beating her. Siddharth, who values ​​so much, seems to be changing his character in the case of Fetish Girl. However, ‘Escape Live’ has a total of 9 episodes. Only seven of these episodes are currently streaming. Climax episodes will be streaming from May 27th. Who will win Rs 3 crore will be revealed in those episodes. 

An 11-year-old girl who plays the dancing queen undergoes growth injections to become an adult. Watching her dance scenes can feel a bit awkward. The erotic scenes between the fetish girl and her boss (Swastika Mukherjee) fall like a stone under the tooth. All this aside .. the director can appreciate showing the real events happening in the outside world blindfolded on television. However, if you dig deeper into this, you will find even better subjects related to ‘social media. Needless to say, it was special for Siddharth when it came to acting anymore. 

Whatever character is given will do justice. Rohit Chandel is said to have lived up to the roles of Rajkumar / Meena Kumari. Also immersed in the role of child Adya Sharma. Doing a big role at a young age is not just about words. But, you will surely be surprised to see Adya. Some scares as dark. The rest of the characters will impress you as well. But, as mentioned earlier, you need to have patience plus time to watch this series.

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