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F3 Movie

'F2' was a huge success in terms of revenue. It also provided entertainment for the audience. However, the film did not impress some. That's a different matter! Putting that aside ... now with 'F3' the heroes, the director-producers have come to the front of the audience. How is this movie? (F3 Review) How much entertainment is in it? Does it make the audience laugh? Or not?

Story: Venki (Venkatesh) has a lot of trouble with money. This is because of the manga family (Tamanna, Mehreen, Pragati, Annapoornamma, Y Vijaya & Co). Venky's friend Varun (Varun Tej) and another person (Raghubabu) are also victims of that family. The Commissioner of Police (Sampath Raj) along with CI Nagraj (Rajendra Prasad) smash the ill-gotten money and diamonds to get out of this predicament. 

F3 Fun and Frustration

Bad luck means ... the commissioner knows that. He gives a warning that he will be killed if he does not return the blows from his house. The truth is ... Venky, Varun and Co have no money or diamonds. How did they eat from them? What did the Venki, Varun, Nagraj, and Manga families do when they went to the house of famous industrialist Anand Prasad (Murali Sharma) in Vijayanagar for money? Is the rest of the movie.

Analysis: 'Laughing is a pleasure ... Laughing is a yoga' - Now there is a mention of the word because ... Yoga director Anil Ravipudi has to make the audience laugh. As a director, he made films that made the audience laugh. He is a director who gives more importance to comedy than a story. However, it would be difficult for Sumi to fall prey to that comedy and put the story aside completely! As a director, he said audiences in theaters should work hard. Audiences in 'F3' theaters are sure to have some difficulties.

The main cast in 'F2', Anil Ravipudi has written a new story based on their characterizations. If the frustration after marriage is the story of 'F2' ... the frustration of not having money is the source of the story of 'F3'!

How is 'F3'? Comedy ... Comedy ... Comedy ... Anil Ravipudi's motto is to make the audience work with comedy in every scene. However, lashing was not always possible. No matter how hard I tried in some scenes, there was no laughter in the theaters. As such, it is not that there is no comedy in the film. 'F3' laughs. However, not all. Only a few.

Anil Ravipudi is a talented director who can forget the story and characters and enjoy the scene on screen. In 'F3' too, the scenes where the actors get fit are well shot. Some scenes went over the board. The difficulties that the heroes fall into due to the frustration of money and lack of money do not seem to connect to the common audience. Therefore, the scenes are hard to connect with at all. As it is related to the scenes in F2 ... it is difficult to be in the scenes in 'F3'. Week script 'F3' in terms of story in Anil Ravipudi movies. 

F3 Fun and Frustration

Anil Ravipudi, who has written original comedy tracks in movies before ... It must be said that writing 'F3' comedy tracks and following old movies is a big minus like the comedy reality shows coming on TV. If you watch 'F3' ... you will remember the old comedy hit movies. Some episodes are reminiscent of EVV movies. 'F3' does not seem new to the audience they see. Especially Varun Tej, Mehreen track.

Device Prasad's music is soso, adapting to the story. The songs are not super. Background music is okay. The cinematography is colorful. The entire technical team did what the commercial entertainer wanted.

How did the cast? Venkatesh has once again struck a chord with comedy timing and mannerisms. Ignoring his image and stardom, he became involved in the character. Venky's acting in Rechikati episodes, it's a great thing to say that dialogue. Varun Tej did well in the scenes where he could not say what he wanted to say due to Natti. He acted to the extent of the character. Tamanna got a chance to look different rather than glamorous in the second half. Appeared glamorous in the song. 

Mehreen has no importance in the second half. But, she looked modern in Fastoff and a chutney girl at the family's Tiffin Center. Didn't get a chance to impress as an actress. Sunil, Ali, Rajendra Prasad, Annapoornamma, y. Vijaya, Murali Sharma, Srikanth Iyengar, Raghubabu ... there is a huge cast on screen. They are all very experienced people. Therefore, it is very easy to act. Progress in the midst of it all made its presence felt somewhat. It was as if Sunil was back on the line.

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Final Punch: Audiences who enjoyed 'F2' will love 'F3'. People who think the story, logically don’t like the original at all. Some boring moments in the middle of nowhere are not to be missed. Put aside the logic and laugh calmly for a while, if you go without any expectations ... Just time can pass. There is less fun and more frustration. Even recreating scenes in old movies!

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