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Jayamma Panchayathi

Since all of us are mostly hero oriented movies, the term heroic fight has become very popular. Anchor Suma is also campaigning for that level of fight for the Jayamma Panchayathi film in which she is starring without taking it. In fact, even if the film stars someone other than Suma and the popular heroine, this range of publicity is not going to happen. With the film set to release today, let's take a look at the story of the film.

Story: Jayamma (Suma), a resident of Srikakulam, lives a happy life with her husband and children. Jayamma's husband (Devi Prasad) suddenly falls ill and Jayamma needs money for his treatment. Jayamma goes to the gram panchayat to resolve her issue, but the panchayat members are engaged in resolving a different issue. The rest of the story is how this issue is related to Jayamma and how the Panchayat will resolve the Jayamma issue.

Performance: The role of the flower girl in this film is completely unique. The audience was only able to experience Jayamma's presence more than Suma on screen. Provided such an involvement to the flower character. This is definitely a strong comeback for Sumaku to the big screen. 

Jayamma Panchayathi

Also, the flower fits the character perfectly even with the looks. Suma was also successful in providing the language and dialect of the Srikakulam region. Devi Prasad justified her role as Jayamma's husband and gave a decent performance. The rest of the nightclubs were also entertained.

Off-screen highlights: First, the Cinema Village setup is very attractive. Credits should be given to Art Director Dhanu and Director Vijay Kumar for executing it perfectly. And director Vijay deserves all the praise. Despite being a new film the director handled the story perfectly. 

The comedy scenes and placement and execution of the rural emotions worked perfectly. The first half gently establishes all the characters and then highlights the Jayamma character. Also, it provides a lot of laughs. The second half turns to emotions.

Anushka Kumar The cinematography is very good. The film was made on a minimal budget but gave rich and quality visuals. He used the Village setup perfectly to bring the natural atmosphere to the screen through his camera work. Despite being a low budget film, MM Keeravani made his mark. His background score brought the film to life. Jayamma Panchayati from Purana Keeravani is another musical magic.

Jayamma Panchayathi

Conclusion: Jayamma Panchayati is a perfect village play from a fresh and creative team. The film will surely take the audience back to their rural roots. Jayamman is sure to impress the audience with her impressive natural acting. Also, director Vijay Kumar gave a slightly overall look at the village issues through Keeravani music. Jayamma is admired by the audience as she still loves Suma

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