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It is known that senior hero Rajasekhar hit with Garuda Vega movie after a long time. After that, the movie Kalki directed by Prashant Verma also seemed to be okay. After a long gap, the Malayalam remake of Shekar came out again. How is this movie?

Story: Sekhar (Rajasekhar) serves as Head Constable and takes voluntary retirement. His wife Indu (Muskan Khubchandani) separates from him and marries another man. Daughter Geeta (Shivani Rajasekhar) is with Shekhar. Sekar becomes depressed and becomes addicted to alcohol after Gita dies in an accident. 

Meanwhile, this also happens to be an accident. The condition is beyond the arm and when he is brain dead he donates his organs. In fact, who is behind the striped deaths? What decision did Shekhar make after learning the truth? If you want to know things like, you have to watch a movie.

Analysis: The film is a remake of the Malayalam film Joseph. The megaphone came to life due to unforeseen circumstances, although it had to be taken by a different director at first. Screening remake movies is like wielding a sword. It is difficult to take what is as it is. The changes made are hard if not a workout. The movie Faustoff runs very slowly. 

Scenes and songs that are not related to the story are as troublesome as a rock under the tooth. Here, it seems unnecessary to put so many flashbacks to tell why the Shekhars split up.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

The story gains momentum from the close of the interval. Investigation scenes run racially. It would have been nice to have selected Prakash Raj for the pivotal role of the lawyer who reveals the twists in the climax. The logic was missed here and there in the investigation. Ending the movie with an unexpected ending is a little sad. But that block turned out to be an emotional workout.

‘Kinnera’ is impressive in the songs provided by Anoop Rubens. The background music is sosogane. Gary BH Editing should have been a little more pacing. Scissors can be cut for most scenes in the first half.

And when it comes to the cast ... Rajasekhar impresses in his underage role. Muskan Khubchandani, who played the role of Indu, and Shivani Rajasekhar, who appeared in the role of Geeta, did well in their respective roles. All those who played the rest of the characters did justice to their roles.

Overall ... those who want to see a different thriller are likely to like this movie. It would have been a decent thriller if Fastaf had trimmed it down a bit and reduced the runtime.

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