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'Writer' is a Tamil film starring Samudhirakani in the lead role. dubbed into Telugu under the same name. Released on May 27 on AHA OTT. How is this movie (Writer Telugu Movie Review) ...

Story: Rangaraju (Samudrakhani) Writer at Anakapalli Police Station. He is fighting for a union of lower-level employees in the police system. The court steps up the matter. The superior officer who does not like this transfers him to Vishakha. Deva Kumar (Harish Krishnan), a PHD student, was arrested by the Visakhapatnam police and kept in a lodge at Kalyana Mandapam. Why did he do that? Why did Rangaraja try to avoid Deva Kumar, whom he had no acquaintance with until he landed in Visakhapatnam? Why did he go to jail? Actually, what happened? What is the case? Is the rest of the movie.

Analysis: Among the producers of 'Writer', Rajinikanth is the director of 'Kabali' and 'Kala'. Ranjit is one. In his films as a director and producer, the insults faced by a section of the people due to caste discrimination and the injustices done to a section are given prominence. 'Writer' shows the underlying nature of racism in the police system. However, there is emotion beyond that. Samudrakhani has a fantastic performance.

If you look at 'Writer' as a story and a movie ... there are some shades of 'Nandi' starring 'Allari' Naresh as the protagonist. In 'Nandi', if a young man is unjustly put in a case by the police ... the young man's grief is shown to touch the heart. In 'Writer' there is more emphasis on the grief of a young man than on the grief of a policeman who feels remorse that a boy has been wrongfully prosecuted by him.

It took a long time to introduce the characters of Samudrakhani and Deva Kumar in 'Writer'. Therefore, the movie runs very slowly until the opening hour. The pace didn’t pick up even after that went into the original story. But, the scenes are interesting. Samudrakhani's family background seems to be unnecessary to the story. Also, Devakumar family themed scenes too! A lot of things are mentioned in the movie. But, without going into in-depth discussion the above went on and on.

F3 Fun and Frustration

How do the police solve cases to reduce the crime rate percentage? How can people who have committed no crime be unjustly prosecuted? Are shown. Telugu audiences watched such scenes and movies. In this 'Writer' those elements are shown in a new perspective. Govind spring background music traveled along with the story. Is to immerse the audience in the scenes.

Samudrakhani lived as Rangaraju. Gave life to the character. The new sea urchin appears in the emotional scenes. Harikrishnan, Other Cast - Perfect casting for the film. However, do not focus on others when it comes to seafaring. The reason is that he is the only actor who is well known to the Telugu audience in the film.

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Final Punch: The film 'Writer' is made with a different story to the regular police stories. A film that discusses the lives of lower-level employees and racism in the police system. Taken close to naturalness. However, it goes on very slowly. Samudrakhani's amazing performance is impressive. Since the OTT release will have the option of forwarding ... one can try to watch the movie for Samudrakhani.

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