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777 Charlie

Rakshit Shetty is the hero who gave the name to typical Kannada movies. After the movie 'Avane Sreemannarayana' ('Athade Sreemannarayana' in Telugu) which came out in 2019, he came back to the audience with a special movie called 777 Charlie. The film caught the attention of the audience with its emphasis on the dog as well as the hero in the film. How is the movie?

Story: Dharma (Rakshit Shetty)'s parents die in a car accident as a child. Since then he has become accustomed to loneliness. He lives a shallow life working in a factory in his hometown. A dog comes into his life. Although he did not like it at first, gradually Dharma also developed a liking for the dog. 

777 Charlie

He named it Charlie and raised it. Meanwhile, Charlie has cancer and finds out that he will not live long. With this, Dharma wants to take Charlie to his favorite places before he dies. What caused the original Charlie to get cancer? Is Charlie alive? What happened to Dharma who was so attached to Charlie? You have to see 777 Charlie know all this.

Analysis: Most of the dog-based movies that have come out so far show the emotion of dog and man. We have seen more and more about how loyal dogs are to humans and what their level of love is once they love their owner. But 777 Charlie is the story in reverse to this point. 

The main point of the film is how much a man loves a dog. Director Kiran Raj shot the film very emotionally. It is an adventure to choose such a subject. However, Kiran Raj successfully achieved that feat. In some scenes tears well up in our eyes without us even knowing it.

The opening scenes between Rakshit Shetty and Charlie are hilarious. Rakshit Shetty's troubles before he got used to the dog were shown as funny. As the bond between the two grows, the film becomes emotional. The ending that comes there is impressive even if the ending of the movie is predictable. The occasional unwanted scenes, however, are a bit of a minus as the melodrama becomes more in some scenes.

777 Charlie

The songs and background music provided by Nobin Paul are impressive. Arvind Kashyap's cinematography is also super. The scenes that come up, especially in the Kashmir background are visually awesome. The film was produced without hesitation at a cost.

When it comes to the cast ... the two main characters in this movie. Rakshit Shetty, the dog played by Charlie. This dog's name is also Charlie. Rakshit Shetty impresses in emotional scenes. Especially at the climax but cries. This movie shows how good an actor he is. And Charlie also got amazing acting. The fact that people are tweeting this movie to give awards to this dog too can understand how well it has acted. Rakshit Shetty acted so emotionally ... Charlie also acted wonderfully. The rest of the cast did justice to their roles. Leading Tamil actor Bobby Sinha's cameo is also impressive.

Overall ... 777 Charlie is a movie you should definitely watch if you are a pet lover. If not here's a new product just for you!

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