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Ante Sundaraniki

Natural star Nani, who recently received a blockbuster with his film "Shyam Singaroy", is now coming forward with his latest film "Ante Sundaraniki". Malayalam beauty Nazriya Nazim is playing the heroine in this movie which is directed by "Brochevarevarura" fame director Vivek Atreya. This is Nazriya's first film in Telugu. Impressive in a range of teasers and trailers, the film was released in theaters today, June 10, amid huge anticipation. And let's see how much this movie impressed the audience...

Story: Sundar (Nani) and Leela (Nazriya) have been very good friends since childhood. But they both grew up between different traditions. The two religions are also separate. Leela is what Sundar has always loved but he was afraid to say it out loud. Over time their friendship turned into love. 


But since they belong to different castes they are afraid to tell their love story to their family members. It is in this context that a plan is drawn up to reunite the two families. What is that plan? How long has it been a workout? What was the story of the two in the end? If you want to know, you have to watch a movie.

Cast: Nani is the backbone of the film. In addition to the comedy scenes, Nani also entertained the audience with her performance in emotional scenes. Nani showed the small details and variations of her character very well. Nazriya's performance was also a big plus for the film. Nazriya did full justice to her role. 

His chemistry with Nani was also a big plus for the film. Naresh excelled in his role and acted very well. Rohini also played the role of Nani's mother well. Nadia and Perumal also acted well like Nazriya's parents. Nikki Tamboli also did well in her role. The rest of the cast also performed well to the extent of their roles.

Technical Category: Romantic comedy movies mean the story has to be new or new, even in the screenplay. Though the story may seem simple in some places, Vivek Atreya has crafted the story very well with his style of narration. Like his previous films, this film was directed by Vivek Atreya as a youthful entertainer. 


Director detailing is good, especially in the case of most characters. The visuals provided by the cinematographer are very good. Editing feels okay. The music of Vivek Sagar is also very good. Maitri Movie Makers' production values ​​are also a big plus for the film.

Last word: the movie starts out very interesting. The first half ends with the introduction of the characters, the establishment of the story, and the comedy scenes. However, some scenes in the first half seem a bit boring. The scenes with Nani's family members in particular are a little different. The interval scene raises interest in the film. 

And the movie goes well again after the interval. The film director laid a big platform, especially for entertainment. The climax was also given a happy ending to all the characters rather than a rush. Bottom line: "Sundara" has the potential to impress audiences from all walks of life.

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