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Satyadev's journey began with small roles as an actor. If he grows up to be a promising hero today ... it is because of his talent. In acting, Satyadev has ever proved himself in text. Some audiences are waiting for his movie. They and the average movie fan were impressed by the 'Godse' promotional films. And, how is the movie? How did director Gopiganesh Pattabhi, who had earlier done 'Bluff Master' with Satyadeva, make this film?

Story: The finance minister, police officers, benefactors - political and industrial celebrities are kidnapped one after another in the city. The government keeps it a secret that people will be worried if this fact is known outside. Orders that the case is settled as soon as possible. Forms a team. It includes ASP Vaishali (Aishwarya Lakshmi). 

She learns that Vishwanath Ramachandra (Satyadev), a businessman who came to the Telugu state from London to kidnap thousands of deserving graduates, was kidnapped under the name 'Godse'. Why did the businessman become a kidnapper? Why did people from ministers to the Chief Minister cry at the sight of 'Godse'? Why did you want to kill him? Whose secrets does he have? What did he do with them? Is a must-see movie.


Analysis: Along with entertainment come films that awaken the community. Tamil director Shankar has made such films. 'Godse' is the film that fell into that category. The film questions the corruption of shell companies, shell companies, and politicians.

How is the movie? (Godse Review): Leaving aside the matter of how 'Godse' is ... listening to some of the dialogues in the film gives a real idea. In one scene the hero says that he is not questioning the government as the chief minister has a stake in the media company. 

In another scene, another dialogue is that the Chief Minister of Shell Companies has lagged behind Rs 72,000 crore. These can hit some people directly. Can cause pain. Also, the scene where he says that the details of the assets mentioned in the affidavits are not correct touches all the politicians.

'Godse' is a good idea. Director Gopi Ganesh Pattabhi completely failed to bring the story to the screen in an interesting way. The story started out interesting. They were unable to carry that interest forward. The story does not move forward until the rest. Revealing one by one why the kidnappings were done is stretchy. Going into the movie flashback after the break, another flashback in it ... 

everything is confusing. The main reason for this is that the viewer is not emotionally connected with the scenes that come on the screen. Satyadev tried to carry the film on his shoulders. However ... the film did not impress due to the lack of speed in the screenplay and the feeling of showing the news items on the screen. There are no big issues in terms of technology either.


Is it so easy for someone to go to the Chief Minister with the eyes of the police watching the climax? There is no doubt that. Taken so silly. While watching the movie it seems that there is a super hit movie line taken by Shankar and there are shades of Nara Rohit's representative’.

How did the actors do it ?: Satyadev has intense acting. Each dialogue feels like it was told by Phil. He did two and a half percent justice to the character. Aishwarya Lakshmi appeared in a different role from the regular heroine roles. Her first film was in Telugu. Well done on the introduction scenes. The dressing style and acting are decent to suit the police role. 

Brahmaji did not get the right character. If something appears! The situation of the characters like Priyadarshi, Zia Khan, Tanikella Bharani, Nagababu, etc. is the same! Attempts were made to do their part justice to the extent of the range of characters. Noel and Chaitanya Krishna had emotional scenes. They both shed tears in two of the three scenes.

And last but not least, the headline made you think of Satyadeva. The audience knows it. However ... his performance was once again in vain. Some of the dialogues in the film are good. Missed the good story along with the words. Therefore, the film is hard to impress. Satyadev's speech is the highlight of the climax.

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