Godse Teaser: How do you get millions of crores for serving? 'Godse' targets political corruption


"As long as we do not know whose interests are hidden behind any slogan ... people will continue to be deceived," says Satyadev. He played the hero in the movie 'Godse'. Gopi Ganesh Pattabhi is directing. C. on the CK Screens flag. Kalyan is producing. The movie teaser was released today (Monday, December 20) by megastar Chiranjeevi via Twitter.

If you watch the teaser ... it is understood that the government, police, and authorities are trying to catch Satyadev. Godse is not Satyadev's real name in the movie. What is he doing with that name? Why is he doing that? Is currently in suspense. 


However ... it seems to have targeted politicians. The dialogue "Does the state offer job opportunities to all eligible graduates? Right" highlights the problem of unemployment. After Satyadev uttered this dialogue ‘Isn’t that what it says! We came to power ', said Prithviraj, 30.

"Usually money comes when you do a job. Money comes when you do business. Money comes when you do agriculture. But how come you get hundreds of thousands of crores of rupees for doing service! Because ... you are all looting public money in the name of service," Satyadev said indignantly of the corruption of political leaders. Targeting. 

More clarity on the movie concept will come while the trailer is released. Satyadev's dressing is good. Earlier, Satyadev and Gopi Ganesh combined to make 'Bluff Master'. Now Aishwarya Lakshmi is playing the heroine in the movie. Music is provided by Sunil Kashyap.

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