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'Kinnerasani' is a movie starring Kalyan Dev (Kalyaan Dhev) in the lead role. Starring Ravindra Vijay, Un Sheetal, and Kashish Khan. Nagashourya 'Ashwatthama' fame Ramana Teja directed. 'G5' was released on OTT. How did Kalyan Dev do it? How is the movie? (Kinnerasani Movie Review)

Story (Kinnerasani Movie Story): Venkat (Kalyan Dev) Lawyer. He is very smart. A young man with talent. Veda (Unsheet) runs a library. Is searching to find out where his father is. Venkat helps her. If so ... who is Jayadev (Ravindra Vijay) who is turning to kill Veda? Who was the cause of the death of Venkat Lover Lily (Kashish Khan)? If Venkat loves Lily ... why is he helping her like a shadow along with the Vedas? What has the book 'Kinnerasani' got to do with the Vedas and the story of Venkat? Is the rest of the movie.


Analysis (Kinnerasani Review): 'Kinnerasani' ... is an exceptionally well-received film. The songs and promotional images were released on YouTube three months ago. Audiences thought it would be released in theaters. Released in OTT for whatever reasons. How is the movie? Going into the matter of ...

'Kinnerasani' ... This is a murder mystery thriller. There would be no kick in telling such a story directly. However, magic was done with the screenplay to prevent such a feeling in the viewer. The movie begins with the murder of a girl. Who did it after that? To whom did the girl send a love mission with the puppy before she was murdered? The director who kept the elements in suspense ... introduced the hero and heroine characters without any delay. Giving a thrill every fifteen minutes ... took the movie forward.

The screenplay in the movie is good. Also, unsheathed characterization too! That being said ... those who are going to watch the movie will not get a kick. As such, do not say! However, where do viewers question logic? In the intro scene, the hero is shown as a person who can control the thoughts in the mind. 

Although the logic is correct ... Impact is created when there is a hero who can show intensity in terms of performance. It was missed. The hero Flashback episode is too routine. There is nothing new in that. If the love scenes are in a way that makes an impact ... then the viewers are immersed in the scenes. His flashback scenes have become effective due to Ravindra Vijay's acting.


Congratulations to the director-writers and producers who made the film with confidence in the narrative without going into commercials and comedy. The songs provided by Mahathi Swara Sagar are okay. The theme music that is heard in the background music is good. The cinematography and production design are neat.

How did the actors do it ?: What is Kalyan Dev's weakness as an actor? What is strength? Is well estimated by director Ramana Teja. The hero is not taken into the front seat in every scene. The hero is shown only when necessary. Compared to the two previous releases ... Kalyan Dev looks a bit new. The acting still needs to be improved. 

Kashish Khan's character who plays Kalyan Dev's girlfriend is short. As long as it looks modern. The heroine Ann Sheetal was given an important role. Emotions are well expressed to suit the character. Dominated in First Half. Ravindra Vijay once again impresses as an actor. He did justice to Jayadev’s character.

And last but not least, the movie is two hours long! Although ... slowly moving forward. Being a routine story does not make you feel new. Unlike regular psycho killers. Treatment is good. Screenplay, and thrills give a surprise. No comedy, no commercials. Therefore, a section of the audience that only impresses fans of the thriller genre. 'Kinnerasani' is a better option for those who want to watch weekend murder mystery and thriller movies.

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