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Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has made a film 'Rakta Charithra' based on Rayalaseema, made films like 'Satya' and 'Company' based on the Mumbai mafia, and also made a film based on Bejwada rhetoric. Varma is in the habit of making films about events that have caused a stir in society and real-life people. His film Konda is set in Telangana. The film is based on the life of former minister Konda Surekha and the Murali couple. Released in theaters today. How is this movie?

Konda Story: Konda Murali (Trigun) is an intolerant person when injustice happens in society. In college, he is introduced to RK (Prashant Karthi) who has revolutionary sentiments. He falls in love with Surekha (Irra More), whom he met in college, and marries her. RK has contacts with troop members. He is also a member of the troop. 

Along with RK, Konda Murali is also involved in troop activities. Kills some. Nalla Sudhakar (Prithvi) tries to use Konda Murali for his political rise and end political rivals. However ... Konda Murali learns about Nalla Sudhakar and walks away. Nalla Sudhakar then plots to kill Konda Murali. How did Konda Murali get out of them? What did he do? Is the rest of the movie.


Analysis: Ram Gopal Varma's unique style in making biopics. How much content is in the biopic? Is what he showed true? Isn't That aside ... the controversy surrounding the biopic brought craze to the film? There was also some controversy over 'Konda'. Sushmita Patel, daughter of the Konda couple, made allegations against Errabelli Dayakar Rao during the pre-release ceremony. However ... the craze that Varma had for previous films did not come for this film. Controversies and criticisms aside, when it comes to how a film is ...

How is the movie? (Konda Review): It's not so easy to tell an interesting story about things that people know. No matter how thin the interest, the audience is more likely to look at the phone or sideways. The same happened in the case of the 'Konda' movie. Once upon a time, Varma did not appear. Accustomed to a kind camera angles and background music, Varma appeared in many scenes. The fire in the story did not come to the screen.

The scenes before and after the interval were well shot by Varma. There was an emotional workout. Varma Mark appeared in the title song 'Konda' and the song 'Surekhamma ...'. There is nothing to say beyond that. The architectural and technical values ​​are not significant. The scenes in the background of Naxalism were shot very silly.

How did the actors do it ?: Trigun played Varma as the hero. The new Trigun has appeared as the character in this film is different from the roles he has done in previous films. Intense was shown in some scenes. Irra More's acting is hard to impress. No matter how much cinematic liberty is taken ... no matter how much the commercials think ... the song 'Telangana Pori' seems to be far from the real-life business style of Surekha. Prashant Karthi in the role of RK, Parvati Arun in India does not matter. 'Zabardast' Ram Prasad did the serial role. Prithviraj, LB Shriram, Tulsi, etc. appeared in key roles.


Last but not least ?: Verma did not say that the life of the Konda couple on the silver screen was impressive. The twists and turns in the story are not even interesting. The title song 'Konda ...' and the song 'Surekhamma ...' are good along with the scenes before and after the interval. Closer to nature, Verma made the film in his own style.

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