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'Major' is a film based on the life of the immortal Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who saved many lives in the Mumbai terror attack. How is this biopic?

Adivi Sesh is the protagonist who has created an image of himself in the audience with the films Kshanam', 'Goodhachari' and 'Evaru'. His first Pan India film was 'Major'. It is based on the life of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who sacrificed his life for the country in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Mahesh Babu is one of the producers of this film. Adivi Shesh's acting, Sandeep's biopic, and Mahesh's production ... increased interest in the film. Promotional images are also good. And how is the movie (Major Movie Review)?

Story (Major Movie Story): Sandeep Unnikrishnan (Adivi Shesh) has dreamed of joining the Navy since childhood. The application is sent to the Navy. However, will be rejected. Father (Prakash Raj) knows that. The son is angry that he sent the application to the Navy without his knowledge. 

How did classmate Isha (Saiee Manjrekar) come up with the idea of ​​joining the Army in the mind of Sandeep who had wanted to join the Navy till then? What did Sandeep do after joining the Army? What was the reaction of his parents? What happened before the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks? What is in the letter from Isha who fell in love and got married? What did Sandeep's parents say after the attack? What is Sandeep's life? Is a movie.

Analysis: 'My son's life was the only attack that day Kadamma! There is a life better than Sandeep '- says Revathi who played Sandeep Unnikrishnan's mother in the' Major 'trailer. Prakash Raj, who played the role of the father at the beginning of the film, says the same thing. Attempts were made to explore that life in film.


What happened in Sandeep's life before the 26/11 terror attacks? The love he had with Isha at school, his association with his parents, his way of thinking while undergoing Army training, his conversations with his superiors before leaving for the Taj Hotel ... Sandeep Unnikrishnan 'Major' is a collection of important events and events in his life.

How is the movie ?: Sandeep Unnikrishnan's life is told by his father (Prakash Raj). In the opening scene, Prakash Raj says in a dialogue that he has memories of Sandeep. It was well used by director-writers Shashikiran Thikka and Adivi Shesh in terms of screenplay. Tried to tell the story in a way that impressed the audience. It’s hard to tell a life in two and a half hours. As such, an attempt has been made to tell important events. Therefore, transformation can be troublesome. Sometimes the screenplay diverts from the story.

Unsung Heroes ... especially the movies that explore the lives of such soldiers all seem to be almost identical. The love of life before joining the Army, the sacrifices made after coming ... go on in one format. Therefore, even 'Major' is nothing beyond that. Sandeep shows Army training along with the love story between Sandeep and Isha in the movie First Half. 

Teenage love story never mind. However, the film gets a slow-moving feeling. The drama was high. Most of the scenes are in the background of the attack in the second half. The second half goes faster than the first half. Movies and web series came in the wake of the 26/11 terrorist attacks. Hence the effect of those scenes was somewhat diminished. If this movie had come before ... there would have been even more impact.


The pre-climax and climax scenes were strong for the film. The cinematography is good. The background music is highlighted in the action scenes rather than the voices provided by Sricharan Pakala. Abburi Ravi's words did not go beyond the story.

How did the cast do it ?: Adivi Shesh played the role of Sandeep. School Life, Army Training, Attacks ... Adapted to various stages in life. That change on the face was well shown. However, when you come out of the theater after watching the movie ... the only reminder is Adivi Shesh's performance in the pre-climax fight to the death. Sesh's performance in that scene is amazing. 

Saye Manjrekar acted better in 'Major' than in his first Telugu film. Good on school scenes. She needs to get better at the emotional scenes. The chemistry between Shesh and Saye is good. Revathi played the role of the mother, Murali Sharma played the role of an army officer and Shobhita Dhulipal played the role of a woman trapped in a hotel.

Everyone who appears in the movie is one height ... Prakash Raj is another height. Not only is he acting, but the word also touches the mind. Although he does not appear on the screen ... there are scenes where he speaks. Prakash Raj's voice-over is a plus for those scenes. Again, his acting and dialogues in the climactic scenes are emotional. Sandeep is the child actor who played the role of Childhood.

Final Punch: 'Major' is a great tribute to Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Sandeep is a film that shows not only patriotism but also family life. If you look at the story, and the movie ... there are some flaws in this too. Some scenes seem to have already been seen. Putting it all aside ... it's a movie sent with a heavy heart on its way out of the theater. The words of his father after Sandeep's death and the climactic scene are touching.

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