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Nayanthara has a lady superstar image in the Tamil and Telugu industries. She has been successfully pursuing her career for almost 19 years, playing commercial roles on the one hand and making a variety of lady-oriented films on the other. Audiences expect Nayan to make a lady-oriented film that has something special in it. 

Nayantara's lead role in the 'Survival Thriller' 'O2' teaser has raised the expectations of the audience. Interest in the film grew further as it was the first film to be released after her marriage to Vignesh Sivan. Did Mari O2 live up to those expectations?


Story: Parvati (Nayantara)'s son Veera (Ritvik Jothi Raj) has a lung problem. With this, he would not be able to breathe without the oxygen cylinder. Departs from Chittoor to Cochin for organ donation operation. However, due to rain on the road, landslides broke and fell on the bus, causing the bus to get stuck in more than 16 feet of mud, including the road. 

A couple who want to get up because the adults do not agree to the marriage, a policeman who supplies drugs, and an astrologer who says that there are many people on the bus like an ex-MLA traveling in a bus rather than in a car. And how many of them survived? How did their mood change when they had to kill each other for oxygen? Did they actually survive? If you want to know such details, you have to watch this movie on DisneyPlus Hotstar!

Analysis: A bus stuck in the mud, it is very interesting how people with different mentalities survived. You need to sit more firmly on the screenplay when taking a point like this. Should be written as armor without any defects. But this is where writer and director GS Vignesh stumbles. The theme of the characters, the movie goes smoothly until they get on the bus and have an accident.

But whenever the bus fell into the valley, the movie also fell into the valley. Although Nayantara is trying to make a movie as a mother who does not even count her life for her son's survival ... it was not possible due to errors in the screenplay. In the end, if you see the scene where the information is given to the rescue team from the bus ... Goosebumps have to come and laugh. 


Predicting the end in stories like this is not a big difficulty. But even if the original story is the beginning, the result of the film will depend on how thrilling the part between the end of the story is. The movie is slow there so it feels soso by the end.

The scattered dialogues in the film are impressive. ‘Mother can correct even God-given error.’ This is a dialogue in the film. The whole story of the movie is told in one word. One hundred marks can be given to cinematographer Tamil A. Alagan. The second half takes place almost entirely on the bus. 

Yet the eye does not seem to be visually embarrassed anywhere. There is only one song at the beginning of the movie. The background music provided by Vishal Chandrasekhar is impressive even though it is soso. The production values ​​of Dream Warrior Pictures are good.

And when it comes to the cast ... there is no need to say anything special about Nayantara. Such characters are the flour that beats him. Nayantara is one of the few performers who can bring up scenes that are weak in terms of writing by acting. He definitely has an added advantage to this story. 

Babu Ritwik Jyotiraj's performance in the heroic role is also impressive. Ritvik acted well at a time when he only had to appear on the screen. He has a good future. Only those on the bus have scope for performance. They are all impressed with their acting.

Overall ... if you want to sit at home this weekend and watch a different thriller, you can choose O2. But expectations can be overwhelming.

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