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Tollywood young hero Kiran Abbavaram is making movies with different storylines to entertain the audience. His latest film 'Sammathame' has already created a good buzz among the audience. Kiran Abbavaram is set to make her mark at the box office again with this movie. Directed by Gopinath Reddy, the romantic entertainer is out today. Let's see what the story of this movie is.


Story: When Kiran appears as a middle-class boy named Krishna, his mother dies in his childhood. Since then he has felt that it would be better if there were women in the house. He decides to get married as soon as possible and bring the girl home. In this order will have to face many difficulties. 

Then it is enough to see him... He meets the hated Sanvi (Chandini Chowdhury). He first fell in love with her and then fell in love with her. Slowly Shanvi's interest in Krishna diminishes. The clashes begin again. It remains to be seen whether the two will meet in the end.

Performance: Kiran Abbavaram performed her role. Chandni's role in this movie did not seem so strong. The actors who did the rest of the roles were impressed with the acting enough for their roles. And the point the director chooses is good, but the taking is a bit confusing. Satish Reddy month cinematography never mind. Shekhar Chandra's music did not seem to matter.



It must be said that consent does not actually seem to be a complete agreement with everyone. It has to be said that this is also the case with all love stories. Attempted to make the audience laugh with the timing of the comedy in First Hop. Goes on with love. If you watch the second half .. everything goes on emotionally. The director seemed to falter in dealing with emotions. Those who love family and romantic movies will love it.

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