Bimbisara (2022) Telugu Movie Review


Bimbisara: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram as a protagonist and producer is always ready to take risks. It is that quality in him that gave him hits like 'Athanokkade' and 'Patas'. Name brought. Now with 'Bimbisara'  Movie, has he got another success? How is this movie impressed with the pre-release promotional images? How did Kalyan Ram, who acted as a king for the first time?

Story (Bimbisara Story) : Bimbisara (Nandamuri Kalyan Ram), the ruler of the Trigarthala Empire, has no choice. Drenching the earth with the blood of his enemies... killing the kings who stood in his way... conquering the kingdoms... erasing the borders of his kingdom... expanding the empire of the Trigartas. He does not hesitate to kill the twin brother Deva Dutt who will be a hindrance to power. Such a Mada Gaja Maha Chakravarti will have a change. 

Who is the reason for that? What is the reason why Bimbisara, who is a symbol of brutality... who has written an indelible bloody signature on history, is held in high esteem by his successors in this generation? Where did Bimbisaru's descendants come from? Who is Subrahmanya Shastri (Vivaan Bhatena) who is trying to open the doors of Bimbisara's hidden treasure in this generation? How did Bimbisara stop him? You have to watch the movie to know.

Analysis (Bimbisara Telugu Movie Review): 'Bimbisara' is a socio-fantasy film. Logics should not be seen in such a movie. Enjoy the magic on the silver screen. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is one such magic in the case of 'Bimbisara'. He did magic with his one-man show. The film is carried on the shoulders in each frame.

The story written by director Vasishtha is not new. But... a twist was given every fifteen or 20 minutes. He tried to twist the story before thinking that he had seen something like this somewhere before. He should be praised for his screenplay. The influence of 'Aditya 369' was seen strongly in the story of 'Bimbisara', especially in the case of the major twist. VFX is not good in some scenes. 

Some differences are evident to the eyes that have seen 'Magadheera', 'Baahubali', and 'RRR'. It would have been better if the family emotions and Prakash Raj scenes were handled better. Two or three comedy scenes are reminiscent of 'Yama Leela'. However... Bimbisara's characterization and Kalyan Ram's performance cover up most of the flaws in the film.

Keeravani's background music is good. Also... He and Chirantan Bhatt's voices too! Action choreography and stunt designing are good. There are no war scenes in 'Bimbisara'. But... Kalyan Ram's sword-wielding visuals and the way he is shown are good. Keeravani background music has elevated some scenes. The dialogues written for the character of Bimbisara are good. Chota K. Naidu's cinematography is neat.

How did the actors do? : Kalyan Ram did a dual role. His performance as Bimbisara in both roles is good. After coming out of the theater there will be a sign. His dialogue delivery as Bimbisara is super. Scene, song, fight... new Kalyan Ram will be seen. There is no doubt that the best performance in his career is 'Bimbisara'. Manchi looks stylish in a modern dress (suit). Catherine was limited to one song and two scenes. Her look is good in the song 'O Thene Palukula...'. 

Another heroine Samyukta Menon has no importance in the story. Looked modern. Even if you want to leave the logic behind in a fantasy film, it's difficult to adjust to the lady police dressing like that. Warina Hussain looked beautiful in the first song. Prakash Raj, Srinivasa Reddy, Ayyappa Sharma, Tanikella Bharani, Vivan Bhatena, and others acted in reduced roles. No matter how many actors there are on the screen... Kalyan Ram acted to make them forget and mesmerize them.

Finally what? : It cannot be said that the story of 'Bimbisara' is new. It cannot be said that there are new scenes. But, Kalyan Ram was shown as an actor. Although there are some flaws... the family scenes after the interval seem a bit slow... starting to end is engaging. What's next? What happens after this? Director Vashishtha has made an interesting movie. It is a well commercially packaged fantasy time travel film. This is a must-watch movie for Kalyan Ram.

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