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Liger Movierulz

Liger Movie 2022 Review: Vijay Devarakonda... Now, wherever you look this is the same topic... So much hype was created before the release of the movie. Coming as a pan-India movie, this movie has raised huge expectations with promotions. Telugu audience along with Vijay Devarakonda fans eagerly awaited the release of the movie. That time has come. Our Liger Boy hits the theaters on August 25 in Liger (Liger Movie Release). Vijay Deverakonda came to the audience with the movie Liger.

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Liger movie faced many challenges and raised the curiosity of people. Vijay Devarakonda's first Pan India movie and dashing director Puri Jagannath coming in the combination has increased curiosity. The response after the release of the Liger Makers trailer is not all. This movie was fully promoted all over India. Vijay Deverakonda and heroine Ananya Pandey shouldered the responsibilities of the campaign. So does the Liger Boy movie live up to the expectations of the audience? If you want to know how much Vijay Devarakonda has impressed you, you have to go to the review.

Liger Movierulz

Liger story:

Balamani (Ramya Krishna) played Ligar (Vijay Devarakonda) and his mother. Both of them will go to Mumbai from Karimnagar. At first, not knowing what to do, he ran a 'chai' shop in the city of Mumbai. But Balamaniki dreams of making her son a boxing champion. But, learning boxing requires money. That's when Balamani reveals to Ligar the bitter truth that his father is nobody. That is the turning point of the movie. So who is the father of the liger? What is Balamani's story? You have to go to the theaters and watch the movie to know the difficulties Liger is facing to become a boxer.

Actors (Movie Cast) :

Hero Vijay Devarakonda and heroine Ananya Pandey played the lead role. Ramya Krishna played the role of Liger's mother. Ali, Makarand Desh Pandey, Getup Srinu, Ronit Roy, Vishu Reddy acted in other roles. The movie is directed by Puri Jagannath. Cinematography is provided by Vishnu Sharma and music is composed by Azim Dayani. Junaid Siddiqui is the editor of Liger movie while Charmy Kaur, Puri Jagannadh, Karan Johar, Hiru Yash Johar and Apoorva Mehta are the producers.

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Liger Movie Review: How is Liger movie? :

In the past, many Telugu movies came with a boxing backdrop. At that time Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Tammudu movie. Super hit. Puri and Ravi Teja's combination Amma Nanna, a Tamil girl movie also came out. It also received a hit. Again with the same backdrop, he came forward as Puri Ligar. As far as the story is concerned... Puri has elevated the heroism well as usual. The action sequence starts from Hyderabad. From there the story is directly siphoned to Mumbai.

Liger Movierulz

The story is about the difficulties faced by Balamani and Ligar's sister who went to Batukuderu. But this is where the audience gets a little annoyed. Needless to say, the characterization of Puri's hero. In that, Puri did not turn to dialogues. He showed it in the movie All Ligar. But, these were not suitable for a pan India range movie. The first half will be interesting. Somewhere it can be said that Liger failed to engage the audience. In the love story in the first half, other scenes are a little stretched. If you look at the second half... the entire boxing sequence is highlighted.

Where did the Liger movie misfire? :

I don't know how much of a plus the movie got by putting Mike Tyson in it, but it seems to be somewhat of a misfire. Emotions should have been better connected in the first half. It would have been better if some scenes were cut to make the audience connect. Bahusha may have been a misfire here... I have to say that Vijay has acted brilliantly as Liger. Vijay's stuttering in it seemed new. In any case, it can be said that Liger has failed in carrying emotions. Vijay Devarakonda.. must be appreciated for his hard work to look like a boxer.

His makeover is super... Heroine Ananya Pandey is not given much scope in the movie. Ramyakrishna Balamani, who is known as Sivagami, acted brilliantly. Ramya's body language and her dialogue delivery are good in this movie. Actors Ali, Makarand Desh Pandey, Getup Srinu, Ronit Roy and Vishu Reddy have impressed with their roles. Puri Mark appeared in the movie Liger. But, it didn't feel much like the old movies. Puri's take has been a workout in connecting the movie Liger with the mass audience. From a technical point of view, the Liger is excellent.

Also, the production values ​​are amazing. The background score of the movie was provided by Bollywood Music Director, Azim Dayani. But the songs are not very impressive. The background score is well done. Overall, Liger is a must-see movie for those who want to watch boxing and Vijay Deverakonda. It is a visual feast. Liger movie will connect well with the mass audience. Vijay will be seen in a never seen role. If you want to see Vijay's actor Vishwaroop in the movie Liger, it is better to go to the theaters and watch it.

Rating: 2.5/5

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