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Home of the Dragon Episode 3 lives up to its source material's name, offering a compelling cocktail of fire, blood, and "real politics" at its best. The first episode had a background lead: With all its spectacle, from the dragons tearing through the clouds to the familiar murmur of Ramin Djawadi's theme song, House of the Dragon had us before we knew it.

Episode 2 was a return to the same vital storytelling that made its predecessor a TV titan, a necessary transition to a cataclysmic dialogue about violence. But A Dance of Dragons has yet to take center stage, and with Episode 3, the Targaryen rifts deepen amid fiery, crab-eating carnage, making for an exciting and hugely rewarding chapter.

House of the Dragon episode 3 has a little time jump

Although it picks up where the last episode left off, episode 3 jumps back in time. Crabby Man continues to nail the pirates to the cross and let the crabs tear apart their rotten, sandy meat until Daemon (Matt Smith) appears behind Karaxes and burns the beach with dragon fire. A man swears allegiance to a Targaryen princess who burns in the sky, only to be crushed by a beast's claw.

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Overexposure to dragons can lessen their influence, but Dragon House hasn't lost its menacing grandeur yet; Caraxes slip out of sight through plumes of smoke, and only the roar and crackle of flood flames alert you to his approach.

Meanwhile, Viserys (Paddy Considine) throws a party and everyone is greeted by a newcomer: his son Aegon II named Conqueror after marrying the king's daughter, Allicent Hightower (Emily Carey). Otto (Rhys Ifans).

Viserys just wants to enjoy the celebrations, but is constantly worried about the rungs; more specifically, the war waged by Lord Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) and Demon against Crabfeeder without his permission. Otto warns Viserys that he cannot interfere in a fight he does not allow, or it will make him look weak.

Tension rises between Viserys and Rhaenyra

Disillusionment with the throne is the main theme of episode 3: Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) withdraws from all royal duties after marrying Allisent's father, causing conflict between them. In a brief scene, Rhaenyra orders a musician to stay with her, but Allicent complies with her orders.

She is ordered to come hunting with Viserys, Allicent, and Aegon, but she has no interest in fulfilling her duties. "No one is here for me," Viserys said.

When they come, you are filled with air: candy, sizzling meat, wine, neighing horses. Even these seemingly inconsequential settings get all the attention in Dragon House, with the setting stretching hundreds of meters into a distance we'd never travel.

House of The Dragon Episode 3 Movierulz/HBO Max

Rhaenyra is in no rush to forgive Viserys or Alicent.

This camp quickly becomes her own hunting ground. As plans are hatched to kill White Hart, once the symbol of royalty before the Targaryen dragons, men like Jason Lannister (Jefferson Hall) bid for Rhaenyra's hand in marriage with proposed dragons and mountains. castles

Rhaenyra is furious at her father for buying her to marry and runs off on her horse, complaining that she is a "Princess of Dragonstone" but "without teeth". Pursued by Sir Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel), he calms her down and is attacked by a boar in the woods. Criston wounds but fails to kill him, so Rhaenyra brutally stabs him to death.

Viserys is fed up with “royal politics” and confesses his deadly “obsession”.

Viserys sits on his makeshift throne at the camp, listening to Rhaenyra's proposal on whom to marry. In perhaps his most terrifying and transparent offer for the Hightower succession, Otto proposes to marry Aegon, aka her two-year-old grandson.

Others say that Rhaenyra should marry Laenor Velaryon (Theo Nate), son of Corlys, since the same arguments put forward for marrying Lady Laena apply: she is a pure-blooded Velaryon, which would strengthen Targaryen power in the field. of battle and in the formulation of policies.

The sad reality is that Viserys is still struggling with Aemma's death, which he admits was caused by his "obsession" with having an heir to match Aegon the Conqueror.

House of The Dragon Episode 3 Movierulz/HBO Max

Viserys admits that his "obsession with him" killed Aemma.

The next day, his troops, suffering from a hangover, capture a common deer, the "White Deer". He plunges the spear into her and her screams echo through the forest. He stabs her again and her limbs shake and her screams get louder until she finally dies. It's the worst deer die-off since Bambi, that's for sure.

They soon return to King's Landing, where he meets Rhaenyra again. She is tired of feeling like he is just waiting to be replaced as her heir, but she promises him that she has no intention of doing so. She is his heir because he wants her to be, and Viserys even allows her to choose her own husband so she can see her “satisfied, happy” before he dies. A rare moment of sweetness in the growing fragility among the Targaryen clan.

House episode 3 ends with a massacre at the Stepstones

The episode focuses on Daemon and Corlys' mission to the Stepping Stones. At first, Viserys refuses and asks for help, telling his brother in a letter that he doesn't want him dead and that he doesn't want his campaign to fail. This only angers Daemon, who punches the Envoy and rushes to the Crab's shore. Waving a white flag, he appears to give up in frustration.

He was never going to be that simple. The repentant disguise goes into a rage and begins to confront the entire army. The direction of these moments is similar to Battle of the Bastards, albeit filled with a different high: we were afraid that Jon Snow would be left alone against the horses, but here we don't feel the same connection with Daemon.

House of The Dragon Episode 3 Movierulz/HBO Max

Daemon captures Crabfeeder's entire army in episode 3.

Until now, he has been a cruel and brutal prince who wants to rule with a fist of dragon scales, but this is the first time we see him prove himself as a warrior beyond his most exalted peers. Slashing throats and leaping under a hail of arrows, he even takes one of his in the chest and advances.

As the Crab-Man stands in the distance, with the hordes surrounding him at the beach shack, when all hope seems lost, Laenor arrives, and mounts a Carax, yelling "Dracarys!" he gives the order. like a Targaryen for decades. Bloody mayhem ensues, even reaching Game of Thrones gore, with viscera spilling onto the arena almost every second. In one particularly gruesome death, a sword plunges into a man's stomach, only to go through his groin.

Daemon takes advantage of the confusion and enters the Crab Man's lair. He not only wins, but he cuts it in half and carries it outside for all to see, guts hanging out.

Some people may have found Episode 2 a bit "chatty". Although this audience needs to grow, it is a perfect mix of politics and bloodshed; Raised eyebrows, quiet panting, and a frown are expected.

Dragon House Episode 4 will be released on September 11 in the US and September 12 in the UK.

Dragon House Episode 3 Review: A Song of Fire and Blood

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